Next Week on NA PSN: Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Vita, “A Grotesque Number of Discounts”

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD has been available on the PS3 PlayStation Store for quite some time, but the updated classic from Just Add Water will be making its way to the Vita Store this Tuesday. It will also be joined by a variety of other downloadable titles on the PSN, including Labyrinth Legends.

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decimalator1771d ago

Grotesque describes the new PS Store very well

ftwrthtx1771d ago

Japan still uses the original store. I much prefer it.

sinncross1771d ago

I dont get the hate for the new store.

sure load times need to be fixed but games are so much better organised. In fact, all content relating to a single game is now conveniently categorised with the game in question.

I personally find it an improvement, but they need to fix the load time it takes to navigate the store.

Y_51501771d ago

i don't like the search feature.

yesmynameissumo1771d ago

Not thrilled by the search, but I like the new store. It will improve (search, speed, etc.), but from what it was to what it is...I'm fine with it.

MikeMyers1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Like the new layout but not the search. The load times are annoying and so is having to press so many commands to do anything. Purchasing content or downloading stuff takes far too many steps. Visually it's impressive and so is the structure and categories.

Tres211771d ago

yea lik every1 else is sayin those load times & i had the hardest time tryin 2 find the demo 4 tiger woods i just gav up but the look is nice

violents1771d ago

Yes everything is categorized under the game title but there is no where to search for the game unless you just use the search button where you have to use the stupid slider keyboard. If you look under games and addons it breaks it down into weird categories. I would rather it just break it down into game franchises instead you have to look for extra charaters here and levels here and avatars here and this over there.... etc etc. I really wish we could go back to the old store everything was much easier to find.

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TrendyGamers1771d ago

Guess I'd better buy some PSN cards to prep for the sales.

MasterCornholio1771d ago

Cross Buy please for Strangers Wrath.

TrendyGamers1771d ago

Just Add Water has said that it won't include Coss Buy or Cross Saves.

insertcoin1771d ago

It's been too long. Time to check out Arkham Asylum.

cpayne931771d ago

I want some serious discounts on psp games, plan to get MH:FU for my Vita. Some of the psp games are way too pricey, should be 15 bucks tops imo.

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