Havok releasing core physics for free

TVGB: "Attention wanna-be game developers. Havok is going to make the PC version of their physics and animation software, Havok Complete, available as a free download for non-commercial use.They're hoping that by doing this, creative game development will see a boost throughout the industry."

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Fishy Fingers3742d ago

Ill take a copy for free! Cheers Havok!

riksweeney3742d ago

This is great news. Now I can make loads of silly games with a decent physics engine!

Cheers guys, have a Bud on me!

Yi-Long3742d ago

... I just received a new PC today, so hopefully it will be able to run it smoothly so I can have some fun with it. And hopefully it will be user-friendly.

ChickeyCantor3742d ago

even a low-end pc can run this thing, if your "scene" is heavy then your pc will have some trouble keeping up.

games4fun3742d ago

on how user friendly it is i might give it a go, whatever i make will suck though :)

cant wait for the user friendly LBP