Best Buy's not shy about Blu-ray's victory

It's obviously not a secret that Blu-ray came out on top of the world's most recent physical media scuffle, but Best Buy's Canadian branch is most certainly not being subtle about announcing said fact

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WAR_MACHINE773772d ago

Its good that they aren't being shy about it being over. The average person needs to know that they aren't going to be burnt by buying into blu-ray. If no ones tells them it'll take forever for the final transition to happen.

ravinash3772d ago

And they need to catch them before they go out and buy the $50 HD-DVD add-on.

ALItheWISE3772d ago

To chose that Blu ray player over a 40gig ps3 even if you not a gamer it does so much more. I just purchased my second hdtv and bought a second ps3 to go with it and my friends were like why didnt you get a 360?? i was like the second ps3 is more of a glorified blu ray player..LOL.. Great for extreme warhawk matches... :)

Tempist3772d ago

Eh… That's just how we roll in Canada.

@ ALItheWISE; Glad to hear that you, like Atlas, are keeping the economy strong and lofty.

AzaziL3772d ago

Look at the strategy, price the Blu-Ray players the same as a PS3 and guess what most consumers will probably end up getting (well at least the informed ones). So as long as the Blu-Ray players are within a $100 range from a PS3, the PS3 sales will finally start to take off.

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v1c1ous3772d ago

that $400 tag does NOT look pretty :/

zeromyst3772d ago

...might as well just buy a 40GB PS3. Great console + a Blu-Ray player.

RealityCheck3772d ago

Well you know what they say: "you get what you pay for". Well worth the money in my experience.

TheExecutive3772d ago

Not for a standalone. However, it can now be considered a safe investment instead of a risk. It makes the price way way more endurable.

scotthea3113772d ago

I remember when transitioning from a vhs to dvd that the price tag was also that high on some of the first DVD players. I recall paying about $350 to get the latest tech with component and optical hookups. Give it time and they'll come down in price.

solidt123772d ago

They have them for $349 also. I just saw them in the store yesterday.

GodsHand3772d ago


Yeah, my first DVD player was $500.

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thetorontokid3772d ago

yeah that's what dvd players used to go for when the people and retail stores started the ball rolling on what was a new format then. In 1999 dvd players used to cost around 400 dollars. I think they went down in price dramatically the following year. Notably when the ps2 came out.

Ashta3772d ago

I remember back in 99 when DVD players were close to or over $1000. At the time the cheapest DVD player you could buy I think was the PS2 if my memory serves me right.

pwnsause3772d ago

i got my dvd player for 500 dollars back in 1999.

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The story is too old to be commented.