Hotline Miami Level 3 Part 1 | Favorite Game Level

Journalist Peter Tieryas is playing through Hotline Miami and runs through the first part of Level 3 in this Favorite Game Level. Hotline Miami recently won the Machinima Inside Gaming Award for Most Original Game, beating out Journey and Fez. A full review will be going up on GameDynamo, and this is just a closer look at what makes the game so unique.

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Ben_Grimm1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

This game looks bad a$$. But this guy played liked a total noob.

Why did he keep going up the hallway? He should have tackled the room to the right first.

Love the music too, is it from the game?

Ben_Grimm1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Excellent! Thanks!
Must go and get the game now.

Watched the trailer, all of it plus the soundtrack reminds me of the movie Drive.

pr0digyZA1231d ago

yeah, it reminds me a lot of drive especially kavinsky

tieryas1231d ago

yeah, the developers specifically cite Drive as an influence

tieryas1231d ago

ha ha, Ben_Grimm, I was a total noob playing this and cut about 6 additional minutes of stupid deaths. A couple peeps mentioned playing with a controller makes things much easier to handle and also I got a much better handle on the controls as I progressed.

And yes, the music is from the game. Fantastic music. thanks for watching

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