Hotline Miami Level 3 Part 1 | Favorite Game Level

Journalist Peter Tieryas is playing through Hotline Miami and runs through the first part of Level 3 in this Favorite Game Level. Hotline Miami recently won the Machinima Inside Gaming Award for Most Original Game, beating out Journey and Fez. A full review will be going up on GameDynamo, and this is just a closer look at what makes the game so unique.

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Ben_Grimm1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

This game looks bad a$$. But this guy played liked a total noob.

Why did he keep going up the hallway? He should have tackled the room to the right first.

Love the music too, is it from the game?

pr0digyZA1985d ago

Yes that is one of the tracks from the game.

Ben_Grimm1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Excellent! Thanks!
Must go and get the game now.

Watched the trailer, all of it plus the soundtrack reminds me of the movie Drive.

pr0digyZA1985d ago

yeah, it reminds me a lot of drive especially kavinsky

tieryas1985d ago

yeah, the developers specifically cite Drive as an influence

tieryas1985d ago

ha ha, Ben_Grimm, I was a total noob playing this and cut about 6 additional minutes of stupid deaths. A couple peeps mentioned playing with a controller makes things much easier to handle and also I got a much better handle on the controls as I progressed.

And yes, the music is from the game. Fantastic music. thanks for watching

1985d ago