The Phantom Pain could be taking place in Cyprus

DSOGaming writes: "Now before continuing, let us remind you that there were a lot of British hints in The Phantom Pain's trailer. One of them was the electrical plug sockets that were no other than the British standard BS 1363, sockets that are also used in Cyprus. And let's not forget the British flag (seen at the beginning of the trailer) that was quite noticeable in the beginning the trailer. And did we mention that a Cyprus map can be seen in the background of the hospital room?"

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shadowwizard1957d ago

All these rumors and theories are getting out of hand.

crimsonfox1957d ago

It really is. But it's crazy how much time people put into breaking these things down. Hardcore detective work if I ever seen it, thats for sure.

Knight_Crawler1957d ago

Has anyone stopped to maybe consider that this could be a Wii U exclusive?

Its sounds crazy but no more crazier that it being a PS VITA exclusive.

neoMAXMLC1957d ago

The MobyDick Studios webpage lists PS3 and Xbox 360 only.

DeadlyFire1957d ago

I wouldn't rule it out just yet. I don't think it will be exclusive, but Nintendo might see a MGS game come to its platform at some point. Not sure when just yet.

Riderz13371957d ago

"The Phantom Pain could actually be an Angry Birds sequel...Let us show you why."

Wouldn't be surprised if theories like this get published.

modesign1957d ago

i thought it was taking place in a