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Submitted by TheSuperior 1151d ago | opinion piece

What Gamers Want Most in a Next-Gen Console

There has been a lot of talk about next-gen consoles since the announcement of the Wii U. Nintendo started off the next-gen craze with their latest console that released mid-November. Because attention has been brought to their new hardware gamers around the world started spreading all sorts of different rumors about both Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles. Although nothing has been completely confirmed by either of gaming’s other superpowers, there have been a ton of rumors and so called leaks about a next-gen Xbox or PlayStation console.

Even though there has been no solid confirmation of either company releasing another console, one can guess that the idea has been tossed around and presumably works. With that being said, within the rumors a lot of pointless features have been mentioned or even wished upon by fans; which made gamers reflect on what they were hopping for in any next-gen console. After going through a world of rumors and request among fans that are anticipating an official announcement of a next-gen console from either Sony or Microsoft it is more than apparent what the fans want most from these companies. (Next-Gen, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

TheSuperior  +   1152d ago
Games are what i want to see, i couldnt care less about apps and stuff. Gaming with a controller is the only thing i am going to be using daily.
Hatsune-Miku  +   1152d ago
I want a very powerful console that can replace everything on my entertainment center and a lot of quality games
millzy102  +   1151d ago
get a pc then its the only way your going to get true power no console has or will compare to pc in terms of power.
Blackdeath_663  +   1151d ago
i agree with @millzy102 you made a similar comment on a similar article. if you want power then you are wasting your time waiting for next gen a decent pc will handle all you pc related stuff,all your gaming,all your media and entertainment much better than any console and is available right now and has been available for years. if you are buying a console for power then i think you are buying it for the wrong reason
BlackWolf  +   1151d ago
Get a powerful PC then.
R6ex  +   1151d ago
With all the power of the PC, some things cannot be replaced.

Console Exclusives (Ninja Gaiden & Uncharted)?

Games that don't support gamepads (like Mass Effect)?
Septic  +   1151d ago
I want something different beyond the obvious "MORE POWAH!". Yes, I want more power from consoles but I really want to see some advancements in the way we play our games.

The vast majority on here are very quick to dismiss things like motion controls, and that is understandable considering how little an impact it made on 'core' gaming experiences but I really do think that kind of tech laid the foundation for what can come next.

Another thing that is in dire need of advancement is Artificial Intelligence. It is disappointing how little progress has been made in this department. The Last of Us promises to change that and I really hope ND pull it off because poor A.I is what shattered the illusion of many amazing game worlds in games such as Mass Effect and Oblivion/Skyrim etc.
Hatsune-Miku  +   1151d ago
"I want something different beyond the obvious "MORE POWAH!". Yes, I want more power from consoles but I really want to see some advancements in the way we play our games.

The vast majority on here are very quick to dismiss things like motion controls, and that is understandable considering how little an impact it made on 'core' gaming experiences but I really do think that kind of tech laid the foundation for what can come next.

Another thing that is in dire need of advancement is Artificial Intelligence. It is disappointing how little progress has been made in this department. The Last of Us promises to change that and I really hope ND pull it off because poor A.I is what shattered the illusion of many amazing game worlds in games such as Mass Effect and Oblivion/Skyrim etc."

***************************** ****************************** *

More power is needed and a lot of it to have advance ai in games. The reason why games haven't had smart ai is because they were never powerful enough.

Motion controls should be a secondary controller but not the main controller like DS3 which isn't broken but the best input device atm for playing video games . Gamers don't need advancements as much as improving upon the way we already play games. Things like the Wii u pad aren't advancements to play games where you need silly things on the controller which requires the player to look away from the screen. Hot keys and translucent maps are fine on the main screen and if someone needs to do more complicated things like look through a hundred choices of weapons or what's in their inventory then pausing the game to do so should suffice.

A very powerful console is needed for massive improvement in games. We need improvements in graphics so we can be immerse in a more realistic world or cell-shaded one. It doesn't matter the art style but being able to see and decipher things quickly is key. Better animations, sound, ai, physics, lighting and others need to be better to increase immersion in gaming and more power is needed.

Pc devs need to optimize their games more like devs for console. Pc lacks big exclusives that come on consoles.
I have a pc and only a few games display amazing graphics in high settings. Pc gaming isn't as good as console gaming because of a few negatives. Pc gaming isn't more convenient than console gaming. I only see it worth playing my games in high specs on pc and upgrading to top end cards constantly is expensive. Some people are fine with compromising with lower resolution and frames to run a game but I'm not. There are too many updates on pc for videocards and such that can lead to a game not being able to be played. Too many incompatible issues. I've ran into issues where I can't even play my games on pc because of some internal conflict of software or driver. Pc gaming isnt as uniform as console gaming. Every new generation the consoles are normally as powerful as high end PCs and has games that surpass what has been seen PCs. Over time the pc get better games but the uniformity of everything being compatible on console is more convenient. Plus more exclusives are on console. Pc gaming has its place and fans but I prefer console gaming.
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caseh  +   1151d ago
Agreed, I buy a console to play games. Give me games and related stuff like cross game chat, backwards compatability etc.

The web browser on my ps3 hasnt been used in about 4 years, apps etc just bog it down with needless sh*t that can be used far more effiiciently on a tablet/phone/laptop which EVERYONE owns these days.
vickers500  +   1151d ago
I don't use the browser at all, but I use Netflix on ps3 all the time. Far superior on ps3(in my opinion) than using it on a pc web browser.

I don't see the problem with having a lot more apps though, it's not like you have to use them.
caseh  +   1151d ago
When it comes to GUIs on any device it is possible to have too much sh*t on it. Theres usually a sweet spot for the average user where it is intuitive to use without lacking functionality.

I guess if apps are made available but not strapped onto the interface with every firmware patch thats fine. Look at the backlash Sony got when they added the Singstar icon to the XMB, and thats a game not an app. :)
Tapioca Cold  +   1151d ago
Agree. Don't need bells and whistles. Just give me the hardcore stuff. AWESOME GAMES!

Gaming online should be free.
otherZinc  +   1151d ago
Halo 5
Ghost Recon: Made correctly not like that POS Future Soldier
Gears 4
Mass Effect: with the return of Sheppard
Ninja Gaiden: made by Tomanobu Itagaki
Forza Next
Resident Evil: made correctly
Rainbow Six:Vegas 3
Alan Wake 2: or 3
Gimmemorebubblez  +   1151d ago
Perfect Nextbox line-up.

Now Ps4:
Uncharted 4
God of War 4
Killzone 4
Ratchet and Clank 4
Demon Souls 2
Jak 4
The Last Guardian
FF v13
Sly 5
The Last of Us 2
SheaHoff  +   1152d ago
I would definitely look at the games too. Some added features are, like you said, just bonuses to me. However, I don't like when those extras are forced and gimmicky.
theWB27  +   1151d ago
I just want it to begin already...ITS BEEN FAAAAAAAAR TOOOOOO LOOOOONG. Is that too much to ask?
dirthurts  +   1151d ago
I agree. This console cycle died about 2 years ago in my opinion.
Sure that whole recession thing...probably slowed it down but whatever. I see no reason why console cycles can't overlap. Let the consoles live for 6 years, but release a new one every 3.
Budget console, fast console.
Blackdeath_663  +   1151d ago
i don't think it will be profitable to do things that way, trying to support two consoles at once won't work out well and content will be weak as a result. besides i'm in no hurry, quality games are still being released next year. games that are as good as any we are gonna get for the next 2 years even if new consoles were to be released.
dirthurts  +   1151d ago
Having tiers of hardware hasn't hurt app sales on Android Or iOs.
Also, PC games haven't had any problems adapting to many years of hardware being out there.
It's not that the games would have to be any different, just they would look better or worse depending on your hardware configuration. One disk that would run on either.
Simple enough. It works on pc.
theWB27  +   1151d ago
Disagrees for wanting the next-gen of consoles to begin...gotta love N4G.
Yangus  +   1151d ago
Many AAA quality exklusive games.

Not only FPS/TPS!
Skips  +   1151d ago
AMEN, I know EXACTLY which console I'm going to get first when it comes to quality/quantity/diversity.
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dirthurts  +   1151d ago
How do you know what console to get, when you don't even know what the new consoles are?
Much less the game library.
Skips  +   1151d ago
Alright fine, judging from how this gen is ending.

I THINK I know exactly which console I'm going to get first when it comes to quality/quantity/diversity.

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KangarooSam  +   1151d ago
What I want most is less articles like this, more concrete facts, and for everyone to be patient for the next 5-12 months until the consoles are released.

OH, and not seeing thousands of articles bitching about the new consoles/games once they're announced would be great. I've seen enough of that lately with the Vita/Wii U. More so with the Vita.
Tzuno  +   1151d ago
Games and games and more games.
aquamala  +   1151d ago
I already have 3 consoles next to the tv, if the next gen ps/Xbox are not backward compatible I won't be an early adapter
Blackdeath_663  +   1151d ago
good point. its never good to buy a next gen console early anyways also there is ofcourse the "steambox" we need to put in the equations that is a 4th console. i am likely to get a pc and use that for gaming in the next 4 years untill enough good exclusives arrive. i wonder if gaikai means sony games on pc, that would make me happy
GalacticEmpire  +   1151d ago
I was an early adapter once, I converted component to scart before anyone else.

wiiulee  +   1151d ago
nintendo has delivered a great system in the wiiu.....follow the leader...gameplay and new ways to interact is what creates new gaming ideas..
Odette9   1151d ago | Spam
JTX  +   1151d ago
Only way I'm going to buy a new console at launch is if they're fully backwards compatible and I can transfer my saves from the consoles I have right now. My gaming time is about to be severely reduced and I'll have to get through far cry 3, bioshock infinite, the walking dead(telltale), the last of us, and gta v before I even think about getting a new console, and those alone will last me well into 2014.
Dlacy13g  +   1151d ago
I am sure I am in the minority but I wouldn't mind seeing the consoles have the under the hood beef to be better multitaskers....let me run an app or two in the background while a game is loaded up so I can switch out seamlessly similar to how I do it on my PC/laptop.
TheGrimBunny  +   1151d ago
I wonder what the next PS will have to offer, it will have to have a better interface (confirmed to be able to go to the playstation store without having to enter a separate area)
RevXM  +   1151d ago
Powerful hardware to support new, cool, useful and expanding array of features and functionality.

More immersive games with more fun stuff to do. Every detail counts, and Im getting my hopes up for some intense AI and mind boggling physics to play with in different games and genre's like LBP (create/platforming), Gran turismo (racing) or Killzone(action/adventure).
Ezz2013  +   1151d ago
***and Im getting my hopes up for some intense AI and mind boggling physics to play with in different games***

the last of us is your fix
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Irishguy95  +   1151d ago
For Ai sure, the physics doesn't have epic physics(it has pre done actions and reactions, ie cutscene mixed with gameplay - which is what Uncharted was praised for, it uses alot of animations is what I mean, onyl a few things need the physics to do something, like..throwing a Molotov), it doesn't need it either, there will be no real situations where it is necessary in these type of games. Only games that let you interact with the world or drive need a good physics engine(not that many devs bother with it, like...far cry)
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Stroke666  +   1151d ago
Wow I am absolutely shocked and happy not to see any system bashing/trolling for once. More on topic, I am not at all dissatisfied wth the wii u thus far, and I am also anxious to see what sonysoft have up there sleeves. I just want fun games point blank I am not worried about specs in the least. If they make an 8bit game that's fun as hell then that's all gravy. I would also like to see some more originality this gen. Not a shit load of sequels like last gen. Trilogies getting a 4th installment (though the game maybe great) just strikes me as odd.
THESHAUNZY  +   1151d ago
Consoles might surprisingly be a fad of the past... especially after seeing the world react to iPads and other junk. I just hope Apple gets taken down somehow because they are ruining the generation rising up with their stupid tablet.
lfclee  +   1151d ago
kalkano  +   1151d ago
What I want, more than anything, is an RPG revival. I'm sick of only having them on handhelds...
animegamingnerd  +   1151d ago
i don't that will change unless the entire country of japan does which handheld gaming is pretty big there
MsmackyM  +   1151d ago
Give me another Valkyria Chronicles on a console.
tre  +   1151d ago
I think the article title is misleading, should be 'What Wii U is lacking'.

Not this Wii and Wii U gimmick argument again. What about Sony and Microsoft with their Move and Kinect? Wii and Wii U was designed around the Wiimote and Gamepad. It was a copy move for Sony/Microsoft.

Gimmick: an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract ATTENTION or increase APPEAL.
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Williamson  +   1151d ago
I want to be able to pause a game and go on the web browser,psn store/xbox marketplace or load an app like netflix. Similar to how easy it is on a vita, although not all apps load during a game but most do.
chillhomie  +   1151d ago
That's also similar to Wii U. you can pause a game, take a screenshot, go onto the miiverse communities, and browse the web while still having your game on pause which I think is pretty neat. Not sure if you can run Netflix with the game paused tho (I honestly don't think you can) but that would be cool if the new Xbox or PlayStation added those features seeing as tho they'll most likely have more memory than Wii U
akaakaaka  +   1151d ago
Better lag free servers .
A global good anti cheating feature that ban cheaters.
More polished games.
Easy access to go from a game to the psn store, web browser without needing to quick the game.
More/better competitive psn prices.
Free dlc (or a year subscription to get all dlc free, but dlc should be free)
Minimum standard of native 1080p running at 60fps on all games.

SOCOM confrontation 2 online , lag free, cheaters free, running on native 1080p at 60fps with 20 classic maps, a smart and good adaptation and balanced wepons and gameplay made by David Jeff with former emplyers of Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog. Ok yes I'm a big dreamer ..
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1151d ago
I might actually get a PS4 before a 720 this time around. Last time I got 360 fitst and waited a few years before getting a PS3. It really depends on launch lineup but, I will be getting both eventually.
chillhomie  +   1151d ago
The only thing I want from new Xbox and PS Omni (or whatever they call it) is a diverse game library. I'm a Guy that likes playing all types of games and would sure love to see more unique and diverse experiences with new games. I don't mind new hardware ideas (omni viewer, augmented reality, tablet controllers) as long as they are implemented well but the most important thing to me will always be the games themselves. Not concerned with how powerful it is, just give me diverse, creative, entertaining videogames and I'm satisfied. Less shooting games and more of anything else. Just my opinion on it
Odette9   1151d ago | Spam
lfclee  +   1151d ago
I would recommend about twelve gb of ram and a good future ATI custom build gpu which can be done due buying in bulk, 4k but with an option for 8k and no apps or ads, just a gaming console.
this article by eurogamer.

The poster is Megatronx

"First of all, I am glad that he is confirming what i have stated in my comment in the original article.

Secondly I'm from middle Europe but I'm living in Uk for last 7 years, and so I have certain perspective on the social differences between those two worlds and i can confirm that now-days people from eastern Europe are very aggressively rude in their opinions, and that's why the guy basically said "cpu is crap". And so western pr had to come in and explain it in the western fashion.

Thirdly I suspect that warriors orochi devs never programmed for dx10 which lets you clone objects without impact on cpu. And that's crucial in WU's architecture design decision. Just watch the video Of course it's rendered on much more powerful card, but I don't believe that WU gpu is not able to render even as low as 1/50 of those characters on the screen and that still would be a bigger number then in any "warriors" game.

In fact i will go as far as saying that none of the devs properly programmed for dx10 and now for dx11, since all the games they are making are designed for dx9 to run on consoles and the only thing they do with dx10/11 is they apply newer shaders to make games just look nicer without the performance benefits.

But what will happen with WU when new xbox and ps comes out? If those consoles will use dx11 as their base renderer, they will look nicer and run faster that's for sure. But instancing remains the same between 10 and 11 and that's why it shouldn't be difficult to have miltiplat games running well on wu.

Will those two consoles have dx11 support? Probably yes. Atm for around £200 you can get amd cpu and gpu that will let you play dx11 games okay in 30fps in 720 with small tessellation. But to really see the difference between dx10 and dx11 you need to pay £200+ for a card itself. How MS and Sony will go about that is unknown to me. As we all know they will not want to price their new consoles above £400 ( i hope not ) so definitely they will have to be clever about it. I guess they will both find a way to have their consoles priced at around £350, but by the time they will release their new machines, WU will drop in price ( again because it wont be using latest tech ). Or they will go with dx10 and will be competitive from the get-go.

Here are some dx details.

DirectX 10 ( Wii U's ):

Fixed pipelines are being done away with in favor of fully programmable pipelines (often referred to as unified pipeline architecture), which can be programmed to emulate the same.
New state object to enable (mostly) the CPU to change states efficiently.
Shader model 4.0, enhances the programmability of the graphics pipeline. It adds instructions for integer and bitwise calculations.
Geometry shaders, which work on adjacent triangles which form a mesh.
Texture arrays enable swapping of textures in GPU without CPU intervention.
Predicated Rendering allows drawing calls to be ignored based on some other conditions. This enables rapid occlusion culling, which prevents objects from being rendered if it is not visible or too far to be visible.
Instancing 2.0 support, allowing multiple instances of similar meshes, such as armies, or grass or trees, to be rendered in a single draw call, reducing the processing time needed for multiple similar objects to that of a single one.

DirectX 10.1 ( Wii U's ):

Mandatory 32-bit floating point filtering.
Mandatory support for 4x anti-aliasing
Shader model 4.1
DFogz  +   1151d ago
For those of you saying TL;DR, long story short what gamers want is more games.
Relientk77  +   1151d ago
Games and exclusives, more quality, quantity, and originality.

WAY less shooters, WAY more RPGs
#25 (Edited 1151d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1151d ago
More games encouraging cross platform play......
VTKC  +   1151d ago
they want

>more good games

>less of the casual crap thats so available this generation.

>NO fake DLC

>More reliable console!
Candy1  +   1151d ago
I'd go pc but few hours gaming is inconvenient in resolving game related graphic defects and what have you. As long as consoles deliver future quality graphics and game power, i'm happy.

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