Warner still releasing HD DVDs until May 31st


No need to sound the alarms. We definitely assumed that Warner would continue to release HD DVDs until May 31st -- even after the format completely fell apart -- but thanks to DVDTown, now we've got a nice cushion of confirmation.

According to "studio sources" that spoke with the site, the outfit will indeed continue pushing out red flicks as promised until June dawns, after which it will crank out Blu-ray Discs alone unless demand necessitates any restocking of older HD DVD titles.

Nothing new here, but nice to know Warner won't be ditching the failed format early.

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WAR_MACHINE773804d ago

well thats pretty nice of them but it seems pretty worthless too. I mean who the hell is going to hang on to their players or if they do why would you buy a movie that can only be played on something you jammed in the back of the closet.

Fishy Fingers3804d ago

I guess you have to do something with that warehouse over flowing with HD-DVD's.

I cant wait to start picking them up off ebay for £5, i know its dead but hell it still works and its damn cheap HD media.

Kaz Hirai3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Why not just give them to orphans? They would make good frisbees.


whoelse3804d ago

Why did this get approved.... its over!

ReBurn3804d ago

For the true collector this is good news. People are going to buy HD-DVD machines and media just to put in their collections along with their VCR's and laserdisc players.