GDC: Street Fighter 4: Shacknews Impressions

Shacknews writes: "It is truly a thing of beauty. While screenshots may capture the game's core appearance and some goofy facial expressions, mere snapshots cannot convey all the nuances contained within its presentation; the silky smooth animation, the billowing of fabric, the subtle environment destruction. It looks like someone magically transformed Street Fighter II into 3D without losing any minor detail or subtlety in the process, and then took it to the next level.

Oh, and the game is only halfway complete."

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bigjclassic3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

I like how they altered some things though. For anybody who's played SF III 3rd Strike, this game is very familiar.

Instead of parries, the have focus attacks which acts like a parry initialy but also gives you the option of attacking without inputting a command. Its a little no0bish, I must say. But I have to play it first to see if it unbalances the gameplay.

Ultras are just Supers with 2buttons instead of one (SF EX3), and they have EX attacks and cancels just like SF III 3rd Strike.

So it seems that Capcom just made 3rd Strike a little easier for the casuals, but the hardcore SF players will still destroy them imho.