Gran Turismo 5's Decrypted Source Code Reveals Hidden Cars & Tuning Upgrades

GTPlanet digs into GT5's source code to see what secrets it contains.

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irokster1985d ago

Sure is. I was bummed when I found out there were no brake upgrades when the game released. Why not patch all these things in, Polyphony? Also more vehicles with "Racing Modification" option wouldn't hurt.

neoMAXMLC1985d ago

They probably didn't have time and just scrapped it for final release. Trying to get those features up and running probably broke a bunch of other things in the game so a patch probably wouldn't be enough (even though they aren't afraid to release 1GB patches haha).

Just gives more reason to look forward to the next installment.

Cam9771985d ago

Wow, maybe this game has more things to come? I love GT5!

eferreira1984d ago

yum yum give me

black9111984d ago

I need blow the dust off this game. I knew there was a reason I never sold it. I've been busy with work im behind on alit of games.

Knushwood Butt1984d ago

Damn, I love the Nissan R92CP.

Would glady pay for a DLC premium version.

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