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Square Enix Snubbing 3DS And Vita For iOS, Android?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Only a handful of console game publishers have embraced iOS more than Square Enix, the company behind the respected Final Fantasy series. Armed with a historic back catalogue of hits and plenty of new IP, Square Enix has been quite aggressive in the smartphone and tablet markets. In fact, it routinely prices games well above the comfortable $0.99 mark that most apps fall into. In a virtual world where you can download a quality title for a dollar or even better, free-of-charge, it's not uncommon to see Square Enix games for $12.99 and higher. (3DS, Android, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade, Final Fantasy: Dimensions, iPad, iPhone, PS Vita, Square Enix, Theatrythm Final Fantasy)

Godchild1020  +   890d ago
If they every bring KH:BBS to the IOS/Android platform, I would be pissed. We still haven't seen BBS come to the PSN store and to see it appear on the App/Google play store would be a big smack in the face by Square.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has to come to the US/EU on the 3DS first before jumping to the mobile phone platform.

They have been going down hill for a while this Gen and now they are looking to make money back money they may have lost, and I guess that is where Mobile phones come into play.
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Blastoise  +   890d ago
Same as pretty much everyone else then. *Sigh*
dkgshiz  +   890d ago
Have fun with those beautiful touch screen controls.
tubers  +   890d ago
Tablets and phones don't have keyboard/accessories!?

CommonSenseGamer  +   890d ago
and you can now even easily sync a ds3 controller with tablets.
Xof  +   889d ago
Most iOS games don't let you customize those controls, though.

Best option is a new Windows 8 tablet/laptop: you get the best of both worlds.
tubers  +   889d ago
@CommonSenseGamer and Xof:

There's no doubt that tablets/phones/phablets will be a much more formidable platforms for gaming in the future.

Lots of children are now being raised with these devices.. Well, at least in CA (with most of the middle class people I know).
Heavenly King  +   890d ago
Dont forget about web browser games **cough Star Galaxy cough*
Dno  +   890d ago
and when the fail horribly they will come running back. just like they did with that whole westernizing deal back in 2006-9. when the games didnt sell on xbox they came running back to sony. same will happen here.
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shammgod  +   890d ago
Seems to be the trend
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Brian1rr  +   890d ago
I want to see more vita games from them but it makes sense to go the ios and android route. Hopefully we can see ports to all.
tubers  +   889d ago
I'd easily cough up 20 dollars each for a good port of Shadow Gun and Modern Combat 4 to the PS VITA.

(Around $ 6.99 each on iOS)
sashimi  +   890d ago
Well they can do whatever they want...Its not like they have released or localized a game i want since forever. I'll just enjoy all the other games that are coming out of japan its not like i'm the one who is losing out, SE is the one with the declining stock price and gamers confidence.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   890d ago
I could understand Vita cause it isn't doing that great but 3DS?! Preferably I wouldnt ant them screwing anyone over.
porkChop  +   889d ago
The thing is though, I've seen many devs saying that an android version is pretty much a Vita version. They're very similar, and use the same hardware. It's very easy to port Android games to the Vita, so there's no excuse for SE not doing it. Even if they just did them as digital PSN games for the Vita, that would be fine.
boybato  +   889d ago
damn...An IOS/Android port? that's just sad. I'd rather that they make a full blown game....

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