Why Is A 10-Year Lifespan A Bad Thing?

It seems like everyone laughs at Sony's claims of a 10-year lifespan for their platforms, but why? Bad memory, perhaps...the PS2 lasted...yep, 10 years.

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Garrison1991d ago

This is something that's completely baffling to me as well. It's sad to say that gamers, in contrast to fans of other hobbies and entertainment fans seem to be quite cheap and whinny.
Ohh.. but they also want a beast of system with high production costs for just 200 bucks.
Just saying..
I bet most people who want new systems out here won't even have the cash for em when they drop. And when they do, then we'll hear the same "OMG my new system doesn't have games!" comments , rinse and repeat.

I guess some people can't be happy with what they got, can't go to sleep if their system isn't "The BeST EVAR!".

I appreciate the good stuff don't get me wrong, but I'm in here for the games wherever they are.

brew1990d ago

Some people think that Sony means 10 years between console releases when they say 10 year lifespan , which in their minds would mean a holiday 2016 release , lol. That's probably why they laugh or refuse to believe that would happen. They don't know any better.

Putting the obvious aside , some hardcore gamers are craving better visuals or game performance (or both) , as well as a feature heavy integrated PSN with cross/party chat. There's nothing wrong with that imo.

SolidStoner1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I dont see any problem with 10 years... who sayd there cant be any other console out.. ps2 was and is still supported.. I can still go and buy it in the store brand new (maybe just like brand new :)) and find all games I need :) awesome for that old kind of console... ps3 can live 4 more years with no problem.. meantime ps4 could be out just like ps2 and ps3 lived together for a couple of years... Sony meant that they will look after it for 10 years.. that is how I understand it.. it dosnt meant that every console must come out after 10 years....

Tapioca Cold1990d ago

Wow... thanks for stating the obvious. We couldn't formulate that argument by ourselves.

It's none of your business what Sony decides to do!!!!!!

If a company wants to make money for ten years on a product, why is that even an issue? It's common sense.