Audiosurf: Gamernode's Video Review

Gamernode writes: "We wanted to try something a little different with this review--sort of test the waters, if you will. Below you'll find an embedded Youtube link. What is it? Why, it's the very first GamerNode Audio Review performed by Kyle and Sean (aka jambo). But that's not enough to blow your mind.

To do that, I gave the audio review to Ryan, and Ryan played the audio review on Audiosurf--the game being reviewed. Madness! That portion is a back and forth discussion of Audiosurf between the two test subjects reviewers, while the actual text of this review is their concise, "What do you think?" moment to shine. Be sure to let us know what you think of the experiment in the comments. Maybe we'll figure out a way to do more international audio/video reviews in the future."

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