Nurien Software Reveals 3D Social Networking Platform

At GDC 2008, Nurien Software has unveiled that its 3D social networking platform utilizes Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 and includes three titles: Mstar, Runway and QuizStar. MStar is a rhythm dance game that blends user-created content, customizable characters and virtual dancing in a fun, open environment; Runway is an innovative fashion show application that enables players to perform as both apparel designers and runway models, and QuizStar a casual online trivia game. Nurien's online 3D social networking experience is scheduled for release in Korea during mid-2008, in China during Q4 2008 and in North America next year.

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Blademask3803d ago

I mean.. its a stupid idea for consoles... right?.... Right?


Theres actually a company thats doing beta right now....who is that ?