GDC: Focus on Fable 2's female

Joystiq writes: "Microsoft has posted new shots of Fable 2, sporting considerably more sheen - and feminine fl-air - than the last time we spent face time with Molyneux's baby. We're scheduled to catch up with Peter and see more of Fable 2 tomorrow."

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Genuine3799d ago

360's 2008 line-up is looking to be just as strong as the past 2 years. Fable 2, Too Human, Fallout 3, Gears 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, GTA IV... Yeah, it's starting to feel like one of those years.

3799d ago
mintaro3799d ago

dude chill, he didnt say anything about which lineup was better, he's just stating its gonna be a good year

iNcRiMiNaTi3799d ago

and the ps3s big lineup this year was announced in 2005....mgs, killzone, final fantasy so u got the good feeling 3 years ago and ur just getting it now?

seriously like dude above me said, no ones talking about who has a better lineup

aggh im on fire3799d ago

No.Unless you think Final Fantasy and such like are kids games. It has violence, rude gestures and the ability to sleep with woman. I think the last one was a 15cert in the E.U.
Although the first one didn't fully realise its ambition im quite looking forward to this. Im glad they have kept the european fairy tale look.

iNcRiMiNaTi3799d ago

i liked the original fable. ill see how this one turns out

Killjoy30003799d ago

dude im like the biggest PS loyalist youll ever see and even i know this game is gonna slaughter every adventure game out there. it will not dissapoint. i think that this might be the very title i have to buy an xbox for. i loved the first one and have SIX GUYS ALL LEVELED UP TO THE MAXIMUM. its a great franchise that definatley deserves more attention than its getting right now.

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