GDC - Bionic Commando Gameplay Blowout

Gameplay videos of Bionic Commando from GDC 2008.


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roybatty3713d ago

Looks fkn cool imo. Is the tearing the video or the game itself though?

uHuRu3713d ago

is that the PS3 version? I am not too sure, but I think I saw the 'O' button.

Also, does Capcom have a 'mod arm' fetish? lots of thier games, the main character has a modded arm, e.g. DMC4, Onimusha, God Hand, Bionic Commando and the modded arm king, Mega Man.

Evildoomnerd3713d ago

I saw some A, X, and B button icons at the bottom right of the screen. Regardless of what version it is, I'd say its a must have for BC fans or those who aren't afraid of something a little different. Game on 360 and PS3 brethren!

Keowrath3712d ago

Bubbles to you Evildoomnerd. I agree, if you're a fan of BC it looks like a must! It's the original titles from companys like Capcom and Konami that have always been the bread and butter of my gaming and I'm loving all these remakes and continuations.

abuze3712d ago

The first two videos in the forest are PS3 version, you can tell by the little circle button at bottom right corner of the screen.

Storm233713d ago

This game looks like it could be a lot of fun. The swing and arm stuff could take a little time to get used to but could end up being a lot of fun. This and Rearmed are on my wish list right now.

Da360sucks3713d ago

this game suck
they should have just made a new ip

hazeblaze3712d ago

Well the game is definitely shaping up better than I thought compared to the first trailers that were shown when the game was introduced. It still needs a little polishing though...

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