Three Terrifying Things About Far Cry 3

If you haven't had a chance to play Ubisoft's latest, than it might be time to set Black Ops 2 aside for a few days and fight some pirates.

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charted1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

One terrifying thing for me is : I have not played this game yet!!!

FanboyPunisher1952d ago

The realization that this is mainly hype and graphically 90% port, if not 100%

aliengmr1952d ago

So, what you are saying is that FC3 looks terrible? What about the visuals is bad? And please define "90% port". Make your case.

That said, comparing Far Cry 3 to Crysis is stupid since they don't even use the same engine.

Shane Kim1952d ago

Have this on PC. Looks awesome.