Xbox Live's Countdown to 2013 Sale Starts December 18th, Discounts Over 90 Games & DLC

While the prices haven’t been announced yet, a user on NeoGaf has discovered the majority of games that we can expect to see on sale during the Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 sale. This particular sale will run from December 18th to the 31st.

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TrendyGamers1991d ago

I wonder how cheap The Walking Dead episodes will go? With all the GOTY awards it will be getting at that time, it will probably sell like crazy if it's 200 MSP each.

BringingTheThunder1991d ago

good thing points cards are on my list

Relientk771991d ago

Wow that's alot of content

TrendyGamers1991d ago

And there's still more coming!

BanBrother1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

About time a great sale has been on. This years deal of the weeks have been stale, apart from a few (Bastion, Alan Wake AN)

So many good picks. Hopefully they are 50% off, not thhat 33% BS. Dust, Deadlight, Mark of The Ninja woohoo.

AngelicIceDiamond1991d ago

Whoa!? That's a allot of games hell yeah.

kingPoS1991d ago

Make market go round sales are.
A lesson learned it is.

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