Internet Hoaxes and the Hype Train: Metal Phantom Pain Gear Solid Vita Infinity Edition

PSLS: Most of the Internet has fantasized by now about how the trailer shown at the VGAs for the mysterious The Phantom Pain could be the world’s first look at Metal Gear Solid V. Speculation is running rampant on what it could all mean, how and if it ties in to Ground Zeroes, what character it will feature, and a million other theories that we could spend the rest of the week picking over. Where there is a massive hype train and a mystery to be solved, people will inevitably cash in on the popularity with a level of misdirection, taking advantage of fans’ eagerness for a subject to troll them. This is what seems to have happened with the fake Facebook pages for Moby Dick Studio(s) and its founder, Joakim Mogren.

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ftwrthtx1987d ago

I love Kojimasan as a blonde. LOL I recognized him right away when I first saw the pic.

I'd love to have MGSV on my Vita, BTW.

Sev1987d ago

They photoshopped Hulk Hogan's mustache onto his face LMFAO

ftwrthtx1987d ago

Can't go wrong with a 'stache like that.

MizTv1987d ago

That would be great brother

dbjj120881987d ago

Well, we'll find out sooner than later... unless it really is Kojima... then years of delays will turn this hype into unbearable expectations and the game will never come out.

doctorstrange1987d ago

I bet it's not even a game and Kojima's trolling us all

alexcosborn1987d ago

That would be incredibly cruel. But certainly not out of the question :D

rpd1231987d ago

Yeah, all the stuff coming from the Facebook page and Twitter profile is utter BS. The trailer itself and their website is all that I trust right now?

Kingthrash3601987d ago

Metal gear vita would be nice ill buy. It's not like it wouldn't come out on consoles too I'd like both honestly.