PlayStation Move 'Isn't The Last We'll See Of Motion Control' - Divnich

Whether you like PS Move - or even motion control in general - Divnich thinks it won't be the last we'll see of motion control this generation.

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Godmars2901955d ago

At least give us more light-gun games! You trash-pushing-over-hyping bastards!

nukeitall1954d ago

I like motion controls and hope for better precision, more intuitive and innovative uses.

Really loved Wii and Kinect!

abzdine1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Kinect ? are you serious ? Do you know one good Kinect game ? DBZ is broken, Star Wars is broken, only sports works almost alright.

Move is by far the most precise motion control device, if you have a doubt go check Killzone 3, Sports Champions 1 and 2, Start The Party, The Fight, Socom.. Very enjoyable experience but i wish they release more games using the technology.

nukeitall1954d ago


I particularly dislike the PS Move, despite the accuracy because the software is so poor and shoddy.

The Wii with Motion plus does a much better job of making it fun which is what I'm looking for with that type of controlls.

The Kinect works wonderful in core games like voice control in Mass Effect 3. The casual motion games are fun with the family like Fruite Ninja, Dance Central and Kinect Sports. It does certain things well, which is enough.

I haven't found a single game I tried that I want to play with PS Move, but with Kinect and Wii I have found plenty especially in the casual area. Family fun!!!

PS4isKing_821954d ago

Motion control is mostly just a gimmick. It's fun in a few games but it should never take the spot of a dedicated controller. Never.

iamnsuperman1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

It depends really. The Move is really good for shooters (with the sharpshooter) but i feel these types of controls work best for RTS. The general controller is great but for me the move really shone with RUSE and really showed the advantage the Move has over a regular controller in this settig (just a shame the game as a whole wasn't that well developed). Some games suit these controls and other games don't the problem is we are getting games that don't suit these controls which doesn't work and the games that do the controls are often developed as an after thought when in fact they should be the main focus

Septic1954d ago

Motion controls may operate as a gimmick now but I believe that is only the case because the technology is at its infancy.

In the future, I don't really think a traditional controller will cut it. One of the reasons why we have QTE's for more elaborate action sequences is because the draconian nature of our gaming controllers.

abzdine1954d ago

i dont agree!! First time i tried Killzone 3 with Move i wish it was implemented in all FPS. It just feels more natural and far more precise than any other type of control. Same for Sports Champions do you imagine playing table tennins with a normal controller ? i dont!!

sikbeta1954d ago

There is a reason of why Nintendo moved on from wii-mote and now is pushing the tablet-controller

Septic1954d ago

The wii-mote is still an important part of the Wii U.

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R3DRAIN891954d ago

its a shame how they made so much of a big deal about this and did so little to help make it worth something to have.

BitbyDeath1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Who's Divnich and why do we care what he thinks?

Indo1954d ago

Sony could do more with PS Move but dont try hard enough... Im a PS3 guy but seeing how MS pulled off Kinect, its just how people see the simplicity in it i guess. I still got sum faith in the Move but very little.... or should i say motion gaming altogether

Hicken1954d ago

Sony never intended for the Move to have the same impact as the Kinect, though.

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