GDC: BioWare Bosses Speak Out

BioWare bosses Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk were on hand at GDC 2008 to answer questions regarding the company's many projects and the design philosophy behind their titles. They had little to say on what's going with Mass Effect in the future, whether it will still be an Xbox 360 lead, and what exactly is going on with BioWare Austin's MMO and the Lucasarts, KOTOR 3 stories that keep popping up.

They were, however, more than happy to go into their ideas on what makes a game worth playing, how to construct a believable game world, and briefly comment on the long-awaited Dragon Age.

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PumPum3683d ago

They clearly need a much bigger team so they can focus on all titles and not finnish a sequel 10 years from now.

Andronix3683d ago

Dragon Age looks fantastic, and I hope it recaptures the spirit of Baldur's Gate. Waiting for KOTOR news to.
Just tell us what we want to know.