How Gears of War toys are being marketed to children

Toys based on video games are nothing new, but what does the gaming industry think of Gears of War toys being marketed directly at eight year old kids?

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Blackdeath_6631990d ago

yeah i don't agree with it not one bit. no wonder there are so many kids on xbox live. but in all honesty i don't blame the developer or MS i think after all its the parents responsibility to comply with the age rating on games. just more predatory marketing from MS the likes of which we have come to expect.

deantak1990d ago

There's like a whole row of Halo games at Target and Toys 'R Us. Hook 'em while they're young. Where have we heard that before?

Blackdeath_6631990d ago

well not the first time MS had the idea of targeting the young remember this?

SybaRat1990d ago

This and sugar cereal.

Lvl_up_gamer1990d ago

This is awesome. Man I wish I was a kid again. I miss playing with my transformers and toy dragons...

LOL_WUT1990d ago

We'll they are called "toys" for a reason, so of course they'd be aimed at little kids. ;)

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