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Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

2012 was a year that Nintendo needed to be monumental. With the harsh reception of the 3DS due to lack of software and price, and the launch of a new console, Nintendo had a lot of ground to cover in only a year. The Wii U has officially launched, and the 3DS XL has been introduced to try and help the 3DS market. 2013 is a year that could very well make or break Nintendo. (3DS, Grand Theft Auto V, Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

Yangus  +   993d ago
I want EU version Monster Hunter 4 and Dragon Quest VII remake 3DS!


Bayonetta 2.
Xenoblade 2(Monolith Soft other AAA jrpg).
Exklusive Final Fantasy WiiU.
Ljink  +   992d ago
YES! I am simply dying for that Dragon Quest VII remake. 3DS will not have to worry about success again when this game comes out in Japan but I hope Squeenix don't forget us. I'm also waiting for Dragon Quest Monsters 3DS and Dragon Quest X. As a DQ Fan I've been let down in recent years...

Bayonetta 2 will be an awesome addition to the Wii U and I'm still waiting for a Wii U Final Fantasy as well. You know, one that goes back to its roots and isn't like The 4 Heroes of Light. I want something from them that's HD, battle system like 1-10, and with engaging characters.
Kamikaze  +   992d ago
i would also like DQVIII HD REMAKE
xflo360  +   992d ago
id rather they remade wind waker but i cant see that happening : (
I can see this happening at e3...

wii u. .. new zelda on stage , a teaser for a 3d mario, metoid prime U shown, super smash bros U playable.

3ds... zelda by retro studios, new 3ds redesign.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   993d ago
I am looking at the Final Fantasy exclusive to Wii U that would be bad ass. But seriously.....can we get a new IP Nintendo?
linkofrs  +   992d ago
thats why miyamoto stepped down from head of EAD, he's working on a new ip.
KangarooSam  +   993d ago
We don't need "Zelda Ocarina HD"
You'd think that after 3 decades of milking classics Nintendo would realize that the 20th game is bad enough; but the thought of them now re-releasing the majority of those games is almost unbearable.

OoT HD would be great, I think most people would agree. But the guaranteed success of that just means Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 1-7 HD, etc. All good games but the thought of that is UNBEARABLE.

PLEASE keep doing what you're currently doing Nintendo, milk current successful franchises with sequels AND gain the desperately needed third party support. This could work.
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sdozzo  +   993d ago
I remake would be cool. HD remakes are boring.
Ben_Grimm  +   992d ago
That would be awesome, A NES Legend of Zelda remake!

I could get behind that. Maybe even merge 1 and 2 to make it a coherent story.
PopRocks359  +   992d ago
How about 3D remakes of the NES games with a more robust interpretation of the story? Now THAT'S something I'd like to see in HD.

But I do agree, move forward, not backward. Not unless you're celebrating an anniversary of some kind.
vickers500  +   992d ago
You make it sound like it's an either or situation. It CAN be a BOTH situation.

It's not "either new sequels with no hd remakes, or hd remakes with no new sequels".

Most HD collections are handled by a different team other than the original developer, which means it doesn't take resources away from newer games.

All the good nintendo games take like a year or two after the system launces to come out anyway, so playing HD remasters of games like Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine (a game that looks f*cking beautiful on the dolphin emulator) to help pass the time would be awesome.
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ronin4life  +   993d ago
This is getting old. The 3ds is not getting a second stick revision. Not enough games use a second stick to warrant one... unless there are dozens of secret games using it right now in development.

People have been asking for/talking about such a revision less and less lately for a reason: it is incredibly unlikely at this point, and will most likely never be.

I think we will see monhun 4 in 2014, since we are getting 3U in March.
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JohnnyAkiba  +   993d ago
GTA5 is heavy for a CPU. It will not be released for da WiiU.
linkofrs  +   992d ago
As far as i can see, if the developers want to make a wii u version they can. A lot of what makes it cpu heavy is the fact that developers offload most of the code onto the cpu, but with a gpgpu and the cpu thats in the wii u they should more then be able to develop the game for wii u.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   991d ago
Hey. You're dreaming. Do you think Rockstar is going to let all that money just sit there? After the game is released on the 360 and PS3 all they'd have to do is bend over and pick it up! It must suck to see old Sony exclusives get passed around like well... you figure it out. I'll bet you bragging rights it'll make it to the WiiU.
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wiiulee  +   993d ago
i expect wiiu to sell even more once nintendo has everything all set to go...and haters get some kind of sense...i guess im hoping for too much...but once word of mouth goes out of how great the gamepad is and the wiiu system and miiverse then haters will not have any effect...and the games will be coming that we know
Jinkies  +   992d ago
3DS Lite...please :D
-GametimeUK-  +   992d ago
Majoras Mask 3DS please! :-D

Also, I would love to see more amazing games for 3DS. I only got mine in June and it is already neglected.
Thepcz  +   992d ago
lol make or break.
anyone would think nintendo were down to their last dollar and putting all their hopes in the final mario game.

the exact opposite of what is actually happening!

nintendo is the strongest it has EVER been. Thanks to the sweeping rip-roaring success of the wii, and the dominance it has over the handheld market. nintendo basically owns the gaming market. lol gone for broke...?

nintendo started off as a playing cards company, if they were going for broke, they would be going back to selling cards. they are an electronic GIANT, in case whoever wrote this article, and those who subscribe to similar thinking didnt know!

nintendo never has to produce a new game ever again really, it could simply licence the games in its MASSIVE back catalog and rake in the profits. heck, nintendo probably make more off merchandising than a lot of small companies.

so to claim nintendo is in a make or break year is simply the ramblings of a mad man who has been living under a rock somewhere on the edge of the outer universe.

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4logpc  +   992d ago
Relax bro...its gonna be ok. And you obviously didn't read the piece lol.
Kamikaze  +   992d ago
i just want SSB and im satisfied....and StarFox
Nodoze  +   992d ago
Metroid Prime U HD with integration of the gamepad. Super Mario Galaxy HD collection with gamepad integration. Wii U sports (sorry but nintendo land does not cut it).

OS speed improvements and optimization are needed ASAP!!!

It is readily apparent that Nintendo pulled an MS this cycle. They HAD to release their kit without having to go head to head with MUCH more powerful hardware (720, and PS4). Nintendo has about 12 months or so of a window that they MUST capitalize on. Once the new and more powerful hardware is released dev's will be unable to simply port to WiiU and Nintendo knows this. In all honesty WiiU is 2 years late. It should have been out awhile ago.
stuntman_mike  +   992d ago
Eternal Darkness 2...enough said.
Greyslash  +   992d ago
^Agree 100 percent
Gerobe  +   992d ago
I don't think it's the multi-platform games the wii u needs to focus on in 2013.

The exclusives need to shine, xenoblade was enough for me to justify getting a wii.
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linkofrs  +   992d ago
Please no more remakes. We need new games. Ocarina of time is my favorite game but they already made a 3ds remake and frankly that was pushing it.
metroidfusion2  +   992d ago
Why do people assume that the wii u wont get ps4 and 720 ports all systems are/will be doing native 720 and native 1080 and 60fps the wii u already has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games possibly more so im sure the wii u will get ports loland this is just the beginning lol and I will continue to do my research everyday twice a day like I have for the past several months on the wii u
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emartini  +   992d ago
Just to hold us over for the new Zelda and 3d Mario they should do Hd versions of Galaxy 1, 2., Sunshine, Zelda Twilight Princess , Orcorina of Time and Windwaker. They shouldn't be full price either
DivineAssault  +   992d ago
how bout NEW games instead of all remakes n recycles?
kirbyu  +   992d ago
How come everyone hates on Nintendo if they don't do something absolutely special yet M-soft and Sony can do the exact same thing every time and everyone loves what they've done? Seriously if Sony made a bunch of ps3's but with a new design, labeled them ps4's and asked 3rd party developers to make some new games, nobody would know the difference.

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