Crytek: PS3/360 “so behind the curve” but surprised devs can squeeze some more out of them

"Crytek are known for developing video games that push the hardware limit. They have developed a few franchises in the past but the most well known out of them is obviously Crysis. The game pushed gaming PCs to the limit and it coined a new term in the industry: Can it run Crysis? In 2011, Crytek released the fantastic Crysis 2 and later on added DX11 support although initially the PC version was not up to the mark."

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Hellsvacancy2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Shut up, your games suck, there boring, Far Cry 3 looks better than Crysis 3, graphically, you dont hear Ubisoft shouted the odds every other day

Dark5tar12107d ago

Maybe you should check your spelling and grammar before we listen to your opinion. That edit feature must work wonders for you.

awi59512107d ago

Yeah it doesnt look better at all crysis 2 with the direct x11 update and the high res texture patch looks crazy. But i wouldnt expect a console to keep up with a PC with 3 or more graphics cards in it. The gpu in the ps3 and xbox are so old my sisters old 4870 crossfire build graphics looks way better than consoles.

NukaCola2107d ago

Funny how games like Halo and Uncharted pull GOTY awards and Crysis is only remembered for what the mods can do. These guys need to shut up. When they deliver more than visuals, then they can talk.

LocutusEstBorg2107d ago

Tell me more about this "sister" of yours...

inveni02106d ago

The problem with Crytek is that they're not good at optimization. Even the original Crysis still has graphical issues on CURRENT hardware. That's pretty sad.

OneAboveAll2106d ago

You obviously understood what he said and meant so it really doesn't matter now does it?

I agree with Hellsvacancy, the Crysis games are just generic shooters with no substance. All they are good for is showcasing graphics on the most poorly un-optimized game engine to date.

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Shaman2107d ago ShowReplies(2)
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Dude stop raging at devs who can't hear you and get a life.

Farcry 3 doesn't look better than this.
or can do this.

There so called "sucky" games sold million each time and crysis 3 will sell millions.

They are succeeding in f2p. Warface is actually a good game.

These guys made an engine and have caught up despite the Unreal Engine success.

Any other console game have so many real time effects going on?

"Crytek has DX11 graphics running in Crysis 3 on PS3, Xbox 360"

If that is true have other console devs done it.

Cry more if you need to you only talk like that becuz you have seen people do it on n4g before.

A next gen demo of an rpg shown running a two year old laptop.

These make games so they have a right to talk game creation. Stick to your level of knowledge and worry about pressing power, start, R1.

I would bet $50 you have a copy of black ops 2 while talking sh!t.

Don't care about agrees like u.

Go ahead talk more as they sell million why waste ur time with non facts?

Godmars2902107d ago

Well I don't buy their games. How's that?

RuperttheBear2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

'Well I don't buy their games. How's that? '

It means you aren't one of the millions that bought their games. Simple really. I don't buy a lot of games that others buy.

What are you trying to really say? Are you doing the text equivalent of blowing a raspberry at shutUpAndTakeMyMoney?

Because that's quite childish really.

slayorofgods2107d ago

Wow! The PS4 will likely be announced in something like a month or so, after the holidays..

And it is still blasphemy to say a pc has better graphics the a ps3 / 360..

I hate to throw logic back into everyone's windows but its a no brainer that ps3/360 are behind the curve.

The only thing interesting about this article is that Crytek is saying developers can still squeeze a lot into something that is so far behind to still make them feel current.

brianunfried2107d ago

Far Cry 3 is full of screen tearing, it looks really bad and kind of ruins the game for me. Crysis 2 had none on the PS3 version. Killzone 1 & 2 and Rage have no screen tearing either and they both look incredible.

MRMagoo1232107d ago


If your getting loads of screen tearing in far cry 3 you are playing a copy of it i havent seen before.

pixelsword2107d ago

Yes, the PS3 and 360 are behind the curve.

The curve isn't that vast, though; You can only thing about one game that defined PC gaming this gen, and it is Crysis.

Not crysis 2

Probably Crysis 3 though.

Other than that, the differences aren't to the point where everyone's going ape-scat over the PC's graphics like last gen, even.

Redgehammer2107d ago

Bubble for you Rupert, thx, for making me chuckle.

AKS2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

I think the people who are acting enraged are just looking at snippets of interviews like the quote in the title and interpreting that as an attack on the consoles. If this was Crytek's actual position, they could just delay the console release until next year or skip it entirely. Instead, they're attempting to use tech in Crysis 3 that has never been attempted on consoles before, which seems like a good thing to me. I certainly appreciated it when Team ICO put in the effort to mimic HDR rendering with Shadow of the Colossus on PS2.

I've seen interviews from Crytek guys admitting that they wished they could have pushed things further in Crysis 2 and that they are really trying to impress gamers with the improvements they've made in Crysis 3. There's also the fact that they put forth the considerable effort and investment to make CryEngine3 compatible with consoles. The idea that they are against consoles just doesn't square with what they've been doing. But if some want to instead just make assumptions based off of a provocative title on N4G, I guess that's what they'll do.

Godmars2902106d ago

Think of it as me showing contempt towards game devs who have done jack-sh*t for gaming besides complain about the platforms they have to work with.

Also not feeling to good towards the gamers who defend Crytek and their resource hog title when it was a resource hog. It doesn't matter that years after the fact of releasing a single game which required massive upgrades to play on minimum settings they "fixed" the problem, its that they caused and further highlighted a problem with the PC gaming industry. Namely that it was pricing and upgrading itself out of existence.

Now they're trying to do things as cheaply and low-end as possible, have even moved into the competing console market, and yet companies like Crytek are still bit*ching that the market should cater to them instead of the other way around. Nevermind that they've yet to actually do anything of actual substance. Just make pretty looking FPS.

And not really being much of a FPS fan, first person perspective games in general which means I've largely been SOL for much of this gen, I have even less reason or want to touch a Crytek game.

If you and others like them all well and good, just please get off their co*k for long enough to realize that by the sales of their games they aren't the end all and be all of gaming.

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Eyesoftheraven2107d ago

and Crysis 1 PC looks better than FarCry 3 PC and Crysis 2 PC; can't speak for Crysis 3 yet for obvious reasons.

ThanatosDMC2107d ago

It really does. They downgraded with Crysis 2. I was hoping Far Cry 3 would look as great as the jungles of Crysis 1 on Ultra... they have the same flora in consoles. Maybe a mod can make it look like a crazier jungle.

Eyesoftheraven2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Except for the rocks. Crysis 1 rocks look terrible at times, but the water, vegetation, and physics look consistently superior when set to Very High.

Far Cry 3 has better rocks, fire, gun models, character models, and vehicle handling. Plus you can freaking fly (err, glide with style). Far Cry 3 also has the better story and is a lot more fun than Crysis 1 or 2 overall. The plants in Far Cry 3 are a lot stiffer and there are no destructible structures. The water is also relatively very static and animated looking, rather than organic & dynamic. Crysis 1 water is still better than any water I've seen in a game since; when a bullet hits the water in Crysi 1, it actually ripples and creates mist (though the ripples don't interact with one another).

That isn't to talk bad about Far Cry 3 on any platform; I think it's an amazing game and gave over 30 hours in it already. Just wish it wasn't fundamentally limited to what the consoles can do.

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Ducky2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Well, if you read the article, he did praise a certain recently released game that looks amazing on consoles.

ritsuka6662107d ago

So many facepalm comments here... sigh. -___-

GraveLord2107d ago

A little harsh, but yeah, someone needs to keep their mouth shut.

starchild2107d ago

You are blind if you think Far Cry 3 looks better than Crysis 3.

You might not enjoy their games but there are many of us that do.

N4g_null2107d ago

Nintendo should just pay them to make them an engine on the wiiu. They know graphics and retro knows game play....

Really they might be the only studio ready right now for the next gen. They could always find a writer to story up their games though.

GearSkiN2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

MAN FAR CRY 3 IS AN AWESOME GOOD LOOKIN GAME! and no it doesnt look as good compare to Crysis 3 i dont know how old you are but im sure a mature person can tell by their on eyes that Far Cry 3 doesnt even come close to crysis 3. and im talking about ps3/xbox360 version. lets not even compare PC coz thats just wrong.

dredgewalker2107d ago

Crysis 2 was not bad but also not good for me. I consider a game good when there is replay value in it. Once I finished Crysis 2 I never felt the compulsion of playing it again. I think the problem with it is that it's on rails and it get's too predictable because of that. I like graphics but without great gameplay a game isn't fun for me.

Pain_Killer2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

FarCry 3 is inferior than Crysis 1 graphically.

Far Cry 3 has no Physics.

Far Cry 3's environment is static compared to that of Crysis 1. You shot a plant or tree with a bullet, the leaves would sway in a realistic manner.

Crysis's water is more realistic than Far Cry 3, It was built using dynamic parallax occlusion mapping supported by DX10 cards available that generation.

The Textures are gorgeous and far more HD than Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3 in terms of graphics (i again say) Far Cry 3 graphically is just a inferior mod of Crysis 1. Story is better in certain cases but im more of a Sci-Fi dude so you can take a hint.

Imalwaysright2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

And yet FC3 is a masterpiece and its one of those games that will be remembered years from now. Crysis 1/2 were released a few years ago and are only remembered for being glorified tech demos, not for being good games. Case and point your own comment. Graphics this, physics that.

When im playing FC3 the last thing on my mind is how plants react to a bullet. Im often too busy running away from a bear just to suddendly see a tiger in front of me and thinking that after all that running im gonna die when the tiger decides to go after the bear giving me enough time to get the hell as far away from them as i can. That is what i want in my games. I could care less about plants reacting to bullets.

Pain_Killer2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

@Imalwaysright We are talking about graphics superiority here in which Crysis 1 is a better game compared to FarCry 3.

They put in animals in the game which can be approached dynamically but left the key part of the jungle (Plants, Environment) static.

And yes, to you it may not matter but the dozens of comments above and below us prove that graphics and performance of any specific title may it be current gen or next gen is a point to ponder by gamers.

SephirothX212106d ago

Crytek may not be the best game developer but they are an excellent game engine developer. Few companies can make an engine as good as CryEngine 3. Plus they provide the sdk for free. Here, they are not talking about game design but the technical challenge of getting the most out of hardware as limited and dated as 360 and PS3. Far Cry 3 is an excellent game and has great graphics but overall, it does not look as good as Crysis 3 will.

RandomDude6552106d ago

Crytek is the ID of today; only caring about graphics and technology. Gameplay>Graphics everyday of the week a.k.a. you can polish a turd

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iamnsuperman2107d ago

I swear Crytek are the only company to spout this stuff regularly. They need to sort out their PR because this isn't really getting me excited for Crysis 3 instead Crytek are coming off badly

gameseveryday2107d ago

I kinda agree with you. They did the same talk during Crysis 2. But they failed miserably with the PC version of the game. But again, they seem to have learnt from their lessons.

Fingers cross for this game.

hop3lessfray2107d ago

Agreed 100%. The first week on PC was pretty much a mess. As was with RAGE. It's a shame that the developers who gained their fame on the PC are shunning it.

Shaman2107d ago

Or maybe its because they get interviewed alot on these questions and press finds them relevant on the issue? Its not like they have monthly press conferences about how weak PS360 are.

CobraUnit2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

So you want them to lie and spread nonsense about these consoles having some special "untapped" power that has yet to be unleashed? this isn't propaganda or bs PR, this is REAL PR!

They're just saying it the way it truly is, and I like how suddenly all these PS3 fanboys are using FC3 as a counter argument whenever Crytek mentions anything about their technical & graphical prowess.

FC3 looks like shit compared to Crysis 3, this site has to be the first site I've come across where people are saying FC3 looks better than Crysis 3, it's obvious you people are only saying that because you feel offended for absolutely no reason.

What's there to be offended about anyway? if Crytek maxed out the PS3/360 so what, ah! because ND haven't said it's maxed out then they're lying right? are you people lemmings? can't you think for yourselves.

Technically Crytek could use CE3 to make TLOU better looking than what ND have done, but you guys wouldn't know anything about engines would you since you're too busy bending down for Sony.

The only reason I'm bringing up graphics is because that's all you guys ever talk about anyway, and whenever you're beloved exclusives are out done you guys start rambling on about how it's all about the gameplay & story even though most PS3 exclusives lack good stories and have bad gameplay.

You guys must've been traumatised after reading this article seeing as how many of you guys overreact and post nonsensical jargon with your emotions running wild.

Are those peas functioning?

jimbobwahey2107d ago

Hahaha oh wow. It looks like the only person that's offended here is you, with your whiny ranting and swearing. Keep on raging there, buddy! Everybody else will just keep laughing at your absurd anti-Sony fanboy crying.

NYC_Gamer2107d ago

Crytek needs to work on better story telling and better gameplay

DeadlyFire2107d ago

They are novice, but I suspect they will improve more and more with each game they make.

They are also making Homefront 2 for 2013. I question whether that game will be Grade A or average.

Imalwaysright2107d ago

True notice that when someone talks about Crysis the only thing they have to say about it are its graphics. Crysis 1/2 are average games at best.

jimbobwahey2107d ago

Well after some moron has gone and wasted $800 on a graphics card just to try and outdo a $250 console, you better believe he's gonna whine about graphics to try and justify that purchase.

I'd be mad as hell too if I paid through the nose for some sloppy, glitchy ports of console games :D

animegamingnerd2107d ago

agreed they should just make engines and not make games since they happen to look good but suck

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TheModernKamikaze2107d ago

if you don't like how it looks on consoles or even bother with it, don't complain, they know what they're getting into.
All I think of them is that they do it for money.

Dark5tar12107d ago

It's probably EA that wants Crytek to port it to consoles. EA IS the publisher after all.

MizTv2107d ago

Crysis2 had a good sp but man I could just not get into the mp at all
But that said I think 3 will be real fun

BanBrother2107d ago

TBH, I could not enjoy the SP or the MP. The MP was a laggy mess for me. The SP, while not necessarily bad, it was boring (at least for me).

Graphically, I think Crysis 3 will be the best looking game (after the mods are done with it), but I'd prefer I good story and better game-play. If I hear positive things about the story, I may just consider getting it.

MizTv2107d ago

na thats cool but we both agree the mp sucked balls lol