Can PS3 retake gaming crown?

No industry is as aggressive about maintaining momentum as the entertainment world, a lesson Sony Corp. clearly understands after its PlayStation 3 video-game console got the boost it needed after Toshiba Corp. abandoned its HD-DVD business on Tuesday.

It came at a crucial time. As Nintendo Inc.'s Wii continues to be snapped off retail shelves more than a year after it was launched, video-game pundits began to declare "game over" for the Sony system.

It was deemed too expensive and not as innovative as other Sony products, critics claimed, as the lack of Play-Station 3 sales contributed to Sony's games division posting a loss of US$1.97-billion in the last fiscal year.

Now with Blu-ray, the next-generation high-definition video player, on a roll as major companies back it, can Play-Station 3 reclaim its crown as the world's most popular video-game console?

London-based Gartner principal analyst Paul O'Donnell and IDC Canada vice-president of technology Mark Perrella say yes - and it's because of Blu-ray.

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Capt CHAOS3775d ago

Can the XBOX 360 become the gaming crown of all time?
Anything is possible.

Can the Nintendo be sued for joint injuries and the Wii flop?
Anything is possible.

There was a time when news was news. Don't give this yawnfest. Too much of the same stuff all at the same time.

nicholascage243775d ago

1) a ps3 victory

2) a wii victory

How will x360 take gaming crown when it barely exists in europe and japan . In USA nothing is waranteed . we will see in the coming months.

PS3 has the best possibility now with its 2008 lineup,blu ray steam etc. Wii can do phenomenal too with Wii fit and SMB.

PS3 has 2 killer FPS lined up this year - Killzone2 and R2.Crisis will also make it to the ps3 this year along with Haze.

GT5,MGS4 will probably win Europe for ps3 and would boost HW sales in Na and Japan too.

If FF13 is released this year then the console war will also be over.

a similiar effect could be felt if R2/KZ2 lives up to the HYPE which is VERY LIKELY

Lifendz3775d ago

Yes, but I don't think it'll be because of blu-ray. Blu-ray will help but once the great games start coming out it'll be a clear decision for all.

LastDance3775d ago

I dont think microsoft can. To many hardware embarrasments and mistakes. Next gen they will get another chance.

sonarus3775d ago

yes they can you can do anything if you believe.

I have been banned for the gamerzone for some reason. Wnt be back for 2 days i got sh!t to do anyway so this is a great chance for me to catch up on somework i spend more time on n4g these days that i do gaming lol havnt really had time for games. When i do make my return am going to be pointing out every single fanboy so they get banned just like me cus i dnt believe i did SH!T was jst picked out unnecessarily. But its for the best maybe now i can actually work and play games instead of work and n4g lol

Tru_Blu3775d ago

Good luck with that.

Side note, never bet against a 2 time champ. May seem they don't bring the A game, then they turn it on.

Wii is gonna be hard to catch though. 360 is fixed in 3rd, It's can PS3 stop the Wii..?? Time will tell

InMyOpinion3775d ago

There are three gaming crowns this generation. Deal with it.

gEnKiE3775d ago came from "The PS3 is dead!" to "This is a 3 console generation." all of a sudden. I hear this more than ever now, especially after Blu-Rays win..... How ironic...

InMyOpinion3775d ago

When did I say the PS3 is dead? How long have you been a member of N4G?

RecSpec3775d ago

Not you, he meant all those "experts" on the subject. Look at news from last year, especially fall.

InMyOpinion3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

"Experts" say lots of stuff. In 2006 many "experts" said that the PS3 would blow away the 360 in terms of graphics. Everything was possible on the PS3 they said. 200 frames per second, all games in 1080p, 4D graphics, massive damage etc. Some said the PS3's hardware sales would pass the 360 in 2007. Some say it will in 2008. Some say it won't. Some say that the 360 has no interesting titles in 2008. Some say it has. Who can you trust? Media likes to spin things for the sake of sensationalism.

I just said what I believe will come true, never claimed it's an absolute truth and it wasn't meant to be offensive.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3775d ago


i agree and disagree.

the will only be on winner.

but there all here to stay, none are getting cancelled.


he`s no ps3 hater.

SolidSnake933775d ago

No, there may be two or three crowns (at this point 1 seems more likely), but there also may be only one. 360 has a high attache rate, but in hardware sales it has been surpassed by Wii and Ps3 is on track to surpass it.

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anh_duong3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

can gaming journalist find some real information about computer games instead of just speculating??

i only own a ps3 but getting a bit fed of all this flamebaiting by gaming journalists who have nothing to do but speculate this and that. why do people get paid to rehash the same story over and over again? ps3 is doing well - better than ever but just stop all these flamebait articles by bored journalists.

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