First Hitman Trilogy HD screenshots

Square Enix released the first screenshots from Hitman Trilogy HD.

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josephayal1922d ago

HD remakes are a sign that this generation has a long way to go

bunt-custardly1922d ago

Not sure how much can be improved from Blood Money considering it is already a current gen game. It will be interesting to see some comparison videos showing how much the HD makeover has improved the game's looks.

paydayp1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

if im not mistaken the first 3 were hitman 1 & 2 and hitman contracts or isn´t that what´s included in this HD trilogy?


just saw the boxart on another site and it´s included with hitman 2, contracts and blood money

i find that strange for a trilogy.
but i believe some missions were from the first hitman in contracts but im not sure about that

Slugg3r1922d ago

The reason why Hitman: Codename 47 ain't in the trilogy is because they had some issues with some soundtrack song copyrights. The first Hitman wasn't in PS2's collection either, but it indeed was in the PC trilogy some years ago (didn't include Blood Money). But anyway, Contracts has the best missions from the first one like the hotel and such.

Cam9771922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

This is great! Because I've just completed my Hitman quadrilogy SA walkthrough on Youtube, these will be a cakewalk to platinum! The graphics however, certainly will be a step back after playing on PC.

2pacalypsenow1922d ago

Not really ,the hitman games are old ,blood money came out in 2006 so Hitman 2(2002)/contracts(2004)will look just fine

Bobertt1922d ago

I just bought all of these on steam -_-. Well they were cheaper than this so idk.

deletingthis346753341922d ago

Going overkill with these remakes already. Why does every developer/publisher have to remake every game? Oh, that's right, they just want to cash in on nostalgia. Game companies are running out of ideas and somehow can not come up with something better.

MasterD9191922d ago

Part of it is money no doubt, but a lot of gamers don't like going back and playing sub-par versions of their games.

I support an HD remake like this because I've wanted to play these for a while now and haven't had the opportunity to since PS2...There is no difference here from putting it on PSN/XBL or in-store.

As long as it is a classic series that deserves it I'm cool with it personally.

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