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Will the Xbox 720 be more powerful than the PS4?

OmniGamer Writes "There are rumors ladies and gentlemen that Microsoft next generation console will be more powerful then Sony’s next generation console.

Could it be possible that Microsoft’s next console out muscle Sony’s console? Let’s take a look at all the rumor specs, to see if we can get a conclusion of who will be the big dog on the playground. For this article will refer to Sony’s next generation console as the "PS4" and Microsoft’s next generation console as the "Xbox 720"" (Next-Gen)

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dazzrazz  +   836d ago
Yawn... more stupid articles. How about what will be the price ?
JoGam  +   836d ago | Well said
Honestly, there were rumors before about PS3 being more powerful than the 360 but what history teaches us is unless you have exclusives where developers utilize the pros of a console, then every game will look Damn near the same. There were subtle difference between multiplat games but it's the exclusive that will shine such as Kill Zone, Gears, and Uncharted. So I don't care what system is more powerful, if the developers aren't tapping in, then it doesn't matter.
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Blackdeath_663  +   836d ago
agreed i was going to say exactly that. the exclusives sony has put out have been of high quality, they have a strong lineup going in to next gen. and its not just the same exclusives recycled,reused and abused like the halo,gears and forza its new IP's that have really impressed me an area in which the xbox has been lacking. so regardless of how powerful either consoles are going to be i will wait to see which consoles have a decent set of games that i am interested in.
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BadboyCivic  +   836d ago
Hmmm..."blackdeath" ....you sound like a picthman for sony. All system reuse what sells. There will be more COD, Mario, Halo and God of war
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The_Infected  +   836d ago
If laugh my ass off is Valves console is more powerful than both of them at a compatible price. Haha aside from that I think 720 and PS4 will be very close to the same as far as power goes.
MikeMyers  +   836d ago
The original Xbox actually showed it's extra power with mutiplat games. So you can have better technology that is also developer friendly. Sony has a history of making proprietary hardware that mainly suits them. The PS4 will likely go a different direction because Sony has been forced to be more open after all the difficulties of the PS3 with programmers. The PS2 was also a headache but the difference was that system was the lead platform in many cases. If the PS3 dominated the charts it too would likely have benefited by being the lead platform. That didn't happen very often.

We have no idea what both Sony and Microsoft plan on doing or how much they will cost. Microsoft went all out with the Xbox and was more reserved with the Xbox 360. Sony went all out with the PS3, will they with the PS4?
jaosobno  +   836d ago
This article deals with ancient rumors. Latest ones point out to a much more powerful system with developers stating that PS4 devkits become more powerful with each new iteration.

Two consoles will probably be equally matched in terms of power.
DeadlyFire  +   836d ago
Is this article a joke or they trying to be serious?

AMD/Intel x86 > RISC CPU(IBM Power7) anyday of the week. This is fact and not fiction. Amature news with no information about CPUs.

16 threaded Power7 CPU vs. 4-8 threaded x86 APU. Who wins in this deal? x86. Power series is nice and all, but there is a reason that x86 has a market for Desktop gaming on the PC/Mac Platforms and RISC CPUs do not at the moment.
zerocrossing  +   835d ago
An intelligent opinion and yet you have one bubble... yep, this is N4G.
AlphaTauri  +   835d ago
@DeadlyFire - you have erroneously lumped AMD with Intel: AMD does not make a performance equal to Intel's iCore 7 CPU's especially on the FPU and SIMD side. And you're wrong if you believe all x86 cpu's are superior to Power7. Only the best i7 core can compete with the lower end Power7 architecture.
Popularity has nothing to do with performance - that's a first grade argument! The reason Desktops are still using the x86 CPU is because of backward compatibility and the cost of starting over. But there is a reason why all the consoles of this generation went with IBM designed CPU's.
So if Sony decides to go with an AMD CPU in the PS4, then will it will be for cost-to-performance reasons and not for performance reasons.
The IBM designed Cell was faster than most desktop CPU's at mathematical calculations for several years when the PS3 came out - It was scoring higher than almost anything desktop wise doing the Folding@Home project
Everyone do you're research on CPU architectures and stop being lame.
catguykyou  +   835d ago
I disagree and here is why. You are only thinking about how multiplat games were THIS gen.
Multiplat games didn't differ much this gen because the more powerful system was also the system that was more difficult to develop for.
When the PS2 and Xbox were competing, the Xbox was more powerful and easier to develop for. Because of that, developers more often than not took advantage of that and multiplat games almost ALWAYS looked better (by a lot) on the Xbox.
The rumored specs for both the next Xbox and Playstation are promising because they are both using less complicated architecture that should ease development for developers. Depending on which console is more powerful (and by how much), you could very well see similar trend as the one I described above. The next console race could be won based off of better multiplat performance alone.
"So I don't care what system is more powerful, if the developers aren't tapping in, then it doesn't matter."

so ps4 devs it is!

Rare will push kinect 190%

Some good things has to come out of this.
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vulcanproject  +   835d ago
hmmm @ Alphatauri.....

"Only the best i7 core can compete with the lower end Power7 architecture"

The CPU you talk about as in the POWER7 is really a server only core built for raw performance at immense expense (launched starting at around $3k for the lower end you mentioned and going up, up and UP -I kid you not). X86 like Ivy Bridge, were not. Very little to do with console processors. I can't emphasise this enough.

"there is a reason why all the consoles of this generation went with IBM designed CPU's"

That reason is cost. The IBM designed cores in the consoles were cheaper than an X86 core of that period. Not faster, CHEAPER per FLOP. Budget constraints. Period. Although RISC is also a bit more power efficient too. You can point to the crappiness of the cut down cores inside PS3/360, hardly any cache, 2 issue in order execution with a too long pipeline in the case of X360. They suck compared to an X86 of the same era.

Sony would go with a fusion design because of costs, but that doesn't mean an IBM processor in another machine will easily outperform it as you seem to be suggesting.

"The IBM designed Cell was faster than most desktop CPU's (x86) at mathematical calculations"

Sort of. CELL is a heavily parallelised processor. The key bit here is that 'mathematical calculations' are not the same as 'running game code better'. An X86 CPU from the past 6 or 7 years is just stupendously better at running game type code (AI, branching integer which is hugely important) than CELL.

A better comparison is am early GPGPU versus CELL. Which of course, CELL loses too horribly as well.....folding at home is dominated by GPUs. But then, that aint gaming either....

Stop being....lame?
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mi_titan27  +   835d ago
even if the xbox is more powerful, if sony makes a machine easy to develop for all 3rd party titles, developers will use the new playstation and port to the xbox, therefore having the same result as this gen. Only xbox exclusives will look better, which isnt saying much with their 3 exclusives
chriski333  +   836d ago
yea and i can count to potato. these articles are stupid when they do come out theyn we can see which is better or not
cannon8800  +   836d ago

you can only count to potato? I can count to lettuce. Beat that.
Irishguy95  +   836d ago
Hypocrisy sets in yet again. A never ending cycle of "hurr our console is more powerful than yours"

"powah of teh cell"

"Nvidia rapes Amd"
"Crysis >>> Consoles"
"Nintendo WiiU is weak"

Now that the next Xbox will likely be more powerful due to what happened to Sony's stock this gen, it no longer matters and means nothing. N4G folks

@ kamikaze down there, you are perfectly correct, games matter. WiiU 'may' have games this time, Xbox 'may' start pushing the exclusives(since this was Sony's perogitive and imo it worked) if MS can start ****ing trying then they can do good, since they have the extra money to advertise each and every game they put out.

Sony, whatever happens, even if it turns out weaker than even expected(which is already weaker than Nexbox) will always have their exclusives and games. What I want is better software, firmware etc, other than that a substantial hardware upgrade is fine for me. Don't care how powerful it is compared to the other one.

Either way i'll be getting all 3 at some point, the WiiU is sure to have some solid exclusives again, even if their were only few on the Wii

Eidt--wow someone said i'm butthurt about not having a Ps3 in another article, well, yes I do. Because I feel that certain exclusives are overrated on the system and that 'other' exclusives on the system deserve more recognition, advertising, higher ratings and sales than Uncharted, Killzone, and god of war...I apparently don't own one.

Top 5 Ps3 Exclusives in no order

Heavy Rain
Valkria Chronicles
GT5 with G25 wheel, which I bought specifically for it
Demons souls(even if I like Dark better, still this game is one of my favorite ever)

I'm sure Ni no Kuni will soon be fighting for my top 5
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dboyc310  +   836d ago
Well the PS3 is pretty powerful. It only goes up from there. Even if it's slightly i'll still be ok with it. I mean look at games like The Last of Us. Let's just wait and see what happens instead of jumping into conclusions.
s8anicslayer  +   836d ago
Darth Vader believed the Darkside of the force was more powerful then the Jedi!
The_Infected  +   836d ago
I should slap you with my lightsaber!
Cueil  +   835d ago
the price point and how it's handled may really be what separates this generation from the next... Sony could easily copy Microsoft's payment plan (and really they probably will go pay to play online) This will allow a lower entry point for buyers... Not a bad deal to be honest
avengers1978  +   835d ago
Since neither company has confirmed anything about there machines, I'll wait to see what they bring out, I think both will be pretty impressive. I'm always going to be a PlayStation first gamer so I know I'm getting ps4
FPSRUSSIA  +   836d ago
i will not be as powerful as the PS4
Hellsvacancy  +   836d ago
Your weak then
jp_footy2  +   836d ago
It will not be as powerful as the PS4*
mushroomwig  +   836d ago
Not true, your brain is more powerful than all the computers in the world. Computers are programmed to perform tasks, your brain can think for itself.
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xtreampro  +   836d ago
Everything is pointing towards them either being equally powerful or the Xbox 3 being more powerful than the PS4.
Ezz2013  +   836d ago
what "everything" ??!
rumors ?! lol
Cueil  +   835d ago
rumors are all we have to go on up2013, but yes they seem to point that way. I think it will be a business decision for Sony. They are (allegedly) leaving behind the Cell.
wishingW3L  +   836d ago
well, the rumor is that X720 will be 3 times more powerful than the PS4. But seeing how Kinect and the casual market has made the Xbox brand grow so much in America making a powerful console would mean high price tag. And usually, high price mean no casual market for you....
Biggsydaboss  +   836d ago
There is a persistent rumour going around that Microsoft are going to release 2 consoles next year. One being an uber powerful hardcore machine, the other striped down machine used for entertainment purposes, cloud based gaming & Xbox Live Arcade titles. As for price of the 'daddy' console, well if Microsoft don't mind taking s loss on the console, liked they did on the original Xbox & the 360, they might have it on sale for as little as £350/$500. If they want to go somewhere to breaking even, then a £500/$700 price tag would be more like it.
Cueil  +   835d ago
It's likely that the 500 dollar mark is about right... add a subscription plan you could maybe drop that down to 300... 2 years 15 dollars a month for XBL Gold... you end up paying more for the console though. I wouldn't mind them doing something along the lines of what T-Mobile is doing with their phone plans... perhaps you'll have to watch ads or something and once you pay off a certain amount then you lose the ads and so on and so forth
yesmynameissumo  +   836d ago
Power doesn't mean anything. The original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2. The PS3 is more powerful than the 360. So?
BanBrother  +   836d ago
Correct. This title is stupid, though it has done its job.

At the end of the day, until they have both confirmed their specs, it will just be fanboy A vs fanboy B.

Every gen has seen a different company as the most powerful. At the end of the day, it is up to the developers to give us something special. Last gen the PS2 was significantly less powerful than the Xbox, but somehow churned out games as good looking as FFX, God Of War, Killzone etc.
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animegamingnerd  +   836d ago
and power shouldn't matter if a console is good or not look at the great games on the PS2 compare to the xbox
THC CELL  +   836d ago
Yawn stopped reading when Xbox will be more powerful. Ms should make more games never mind out else
ALLWRONG  +   836d ago
"Ms should make more games never mind out else"

Dovahkiin  +   836d ago
"Out" is used colloquially for the word "Anything" in parts of england.

It's stupid i know.
jmac53  +   836d ago
Ha! The English supposedly invented the language!
bumnut  +   835d ago
Its not spelt 'out' I have no idea how to spell it, I can only say it :)
Mcardle  +   835d ago
I believe you're are thinking of Nowt....
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WetN00dle69  +   836d ago
I R Speaky the Languach!
Perjoss  +   836d ago
I think Microsoft is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.
Garrison  +   836d ago
I wouldn't call this a stupid article, it's interesting. I'm sure the ps4 and the xbox will both be beasts. I'm mostly looking forward towards all the cool new implementations and new franchises coming next gen other than graphics. I already have a powerful pc and don't see any of these 2 systems beating it.
Riderz1337  +   836d ago
I don't know i'm not a f*cking psychic.
bumnut  +   835d ago
I don't care, I will probably pick up both tbh
thebudgetgamer  +   836d ago
MasterCornholio  +   836d ago
I guess some of us can agree on one thing.

That those 2 consoles (720 and PS4) will be more powerful than the Wii U.
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cervantes99  +   836d ago
Who cares. Both will be beasts, but with Sony's 1st Party Devs leading the way ... well my preferred console is obvious.

However I will buy both. I don't want to miss any great games assuming MS actually has some again circa 2007/2008.

I want Jak4, Killer Instinct and new game IPs that are not heavy shooter based. There's been enough shooters this gen to choke a mule.
KangarooSam  +   836d ago
How about everyone stops writing these damn articles and we just wait to find the hell out.

I like the comments, discussions, and debates about video games. Hell, even trolling is sometimes funny. But when it's all about speculation and fanboys get all riled up over NOTHING concrete it's a pain in the @$$ to see.
PhoenixRising37  +   836d ago
I don't know, will it?

A more important question is: What will happen if the xbox 720 is more powerful than the PS4?

A question more important than that one is: Who really cares?
Ezz2013  +   836d ago
we are making articles about rumors about systems that we don't even know when they will launch or even it's Name

yeah that's N4G
Kamikaze  +   836d ago
yup n4g sucks i dont even kno y im constantly on here *shakes head*
Seraphemz  +   836d ago
Its the people that keep approving these crap articles that should be shaking their heads...
Kamikaze  +   836d ago
power doesnt matter
crazysammy  +   836d ago
Let me check my crystal ball. Hmmm. Interesting. I'm getting too much interference from my tinfoil hat.
Ezz2013  +   836d ago
bill gates is blocking you
Valenka  +   836d ago
Making judgements on which next gen console is better based off of *rumoured* hardware specs is plain nonsensical.
ALLWRONG  +   836d ago
I would bet on them both being about the same.
WetN00dle69  +   836d ago
EXACTLY!!! Next Gen will be about which consoles has the best games. And truth be told by what we have seen this Gen Sony seems to be the one that will take the lead next gen.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   836d ago
Truth be told, it will not just be about the games but also the unique gaming experience and features each console brings and so far it looks to be MS based on what we have seen this gen.
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Eyeco  +   836d ago
Ok man I agree Sony has had allot of great games this gen but so has the 360 and Wii there was no superior console this gen there was no better library each console shined as indivduals, its all opinionated at the end of the day,

I agree with your statement only to the extent of having a similar opinion, basically I'm saying don't try to pass your opinion as a fact.

We don't know what will happen next gen , the console market is unpredictable 6 years ago people thought the ps3 wouldn't have lasted 2 years now look , people innitialy thought the Wii mote was a revolution in gaming then look how that turned out the novelty wore out yeats ago ,see where I'm going with this
rapidturtle  +   836d ago
They will both be close, and hopefully Sony learned their lesson, and make their console easier to program for.
DivineAssault  +   836d ago
It might.. But it wont have better games & the multiplats will prolly have minimal differences if they gotta develop the games for both.. Its new IPs that makes me want new consoles.. Raw power is useless if its not used so i dont care what the power is.. Unless xbox gets some awesome new exclusives for their new console, im done w em.. ive been waiting years for a unique game on 360 that i like.. I dont see any in sight either so sony gets my money for GOW & Last of Us
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   836d ago
I want PS4 and 720 to be at least on par with each other. One console being stronger than the other hasn't proven anything outside of great looking exclusives.
ylwzx3  +   836d ago
I'll be the first one to say neither one of them will be mind blowing.
BitbyDeath  +   836d ago
Agreed, just look at PC.
PC used to light the way for consoles but considering it's barely better than 6 year old consoles it is hard to imagine how much better nextgen can get.

Hopefully they'll at least be better than current PCs though.
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josephayal  +   836d ago
MICROSOFT has always been at the forefront of technical innovation, just like S
#22 (Edited 836d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
KangarooSam  +   836d ago
Console-wise Sony has kicked Microsoft's @$$ in the "technical innovation" department these last 2 gens. However it's rumored that they're switching roles next gen and Microsoft will be pushing more powerful hardware, I would take that with a grain of salt, though.

And this is not a fanboy speaking, I love the big three; it's the voice of truth.
jmac53  +   836d ago
You mean innovation by Sony coming up with difficult-to-program-for architecture that set them back a few years until developers got familiar. Oh and Move as well as an easily hacked online infrastructure, ok.
Septic  +   836d ago
You mean technical innovation by way of:

1) Designing a console that can't even enable its users to send voice messages let a lone dedicate enough RAM to enable key and much requested features like Cross-Game chat?

2) 'Innovating' with their controller by essentially just carrying on the same old design of the previous console and then, having seen Nintendo unveil the Wii, make a poor last minute attempt to copy them by way of the SixAxis

3) Copying Microsoft and its innovation regarding Achievements

4) What jmac53 said

I'm sorry but yours isn't the voice of truth. Sony did go all out regarding the PS3 but they had the lets chuck everything we can think of mentality; big HDD, HDMI, BLU-RAY, built in Wifi etc which is all good but its not really innovating with the exception of BLU-RAY tech.

Comparatively, MS innovated more by clearly thinking about things like the controller; which was sculpted around players' hands, Xbox Live by way of its interface, Achievements which in itself was a touch of genius, cross-game chat, dedicating a decent amount of RAM for OS processes etc.

Don't get me wrong, they made stupid decisions too like not making HDD's mandatory (why?!), skimping out on built in Wifi and HDMI in their early consoles and other things.

Nintendo, Sony and MS are all at the forefront of technical innovation. Nintendo with its seminal motion control tech that really changed gaming and brought it to the masses, MS making a concerted push with Xbox Live and really pressurising others to make similar strides in making a cohesive online community and Sony delivering great IPs.
animegamingnerd  +   836d ago
yes by innovation you mean no new IP'S and time exclusive DLC that drives PS3 and PC users crazy
cycofoo831  +   836d ago
Lol more powerful? like people said, its just the developers and how they utilize it.

on top of that, the xbox has a better gpu but not a better cpu.

but so.what? developers unloaded the work onto spus so they can add better processing effects etc.

its all the developers because next gen will nearly be the same anyways. maybe slight power difference but even then, some developers will amaturely design games.

i guess the best example is a pc, best powerhouse hands down but it all depends on developers
Yangus  +   836d ago
PsVita more powerful than the 3DS.

AAA quality games important, not only power.
neoMAXMLC  +   836d ago
Sweet Jesus, the writing in this article is horrid...
mmj  +   836d ago
I don't care as long as they don't cut corners in build quality like they did with 360, it took years before reliability was no longer a major issue.
#26 (Edited 836d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ben_Grimm  +   836d ago
I'm pretty sure MS will be, they are really pushing the whole apps and DVR aspect. I can only assume that the nextBox will be able to perform multiple functions.
Dlacy13g  +   836d ago
I am not sure what is worse? Is it worse that we are getting these speculation "articles" that meerely are here to ruffle the feathers of the fanboy OR that these guys have ZERO originality and keep using the SAME stupid PS4/Xbox 720 graphic for their articles on N4G? Seriously, at first I thought it was 2 of the same article from the same site when I saw two of the EXACT same image on the front page.
Max-Zorin  +   836d ago
All I know is I'll be getting both. But first I'm gonna wait a year to see what they have to offer.
iosdhifw   836d ago | Spam
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