GDC08: Ninja Gaiden II demo coming soon?

According to a GDC content banner that appears on the XBLM, it makes mention that a downloadable Ninja Gaiden II demo will be "Coming Soon". The item is not clickable just yet, but have a feeling that Thursday will bring bloody ninja fun for fanboys across the globe.

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thepriest3776d ago

C'mon.. *runs to check 360 every hour*

Horny3775d ago

interesting, i hope it comes out today I wanna check it out, i need more 360 games

ThaGeNeCySt3775d ago

Holy God, I pray this is true, I've been trying to see the quality of this game first-hand since the game was first announced... I hope it's that Temple of Sacrifice level as well.

mintaro3775d ago

it would make my day =)