Nintendo Download for December 13, 2012 (North America)

Crimson Shroud hits the Nintendo eShop today while a couple of demos pile up on the Wii U. Ninja Gaiden also makes its way to the 3DS Virtual Console.

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guitarded771920d ago

Cool, gonna check out the Wii U demos.

animegamingnerd1920d ago

be careful theirs a only a certain amount of times you can play the demo before it gets locked

guitarded771920d ago

Yeah, saw that... I don't really care, I just play demos to see what the game is like. if I like it I'll buy it, if not, oh well. That's what demos are for.

robparko1919d ago

It's definitely kind of silly, but I usually only play demos like three of four times, so it doesn't affect me much. Still an odd choice regardless.

BigBoss31920d ago

were the f**k is the zombiu demo?

robparko1919d ago

Oh yea, that was supposed to be out before the 15th wasn't it? Well, that sucks.

TwistedMetal1920d ago

How many plays can you play the rayman demo? I play demos just to see what the game is like and if I should buy it. Sometimes it takes more plays for me and over time to see If i want to buy the full game. If it has a play limit I wont buy the game end of story. Sometimes the big must buy games like pikmin 3 and such I dont even buy a demo but if it had limits on it I would be righting a negative comment about it club nintendo. different strokes for different folks i guess.

Mikito111920d ago

It's 30 times, that should be enough for most... I had a lot of fun on it personally

DivineAssault 1920d ago

nothing of interest.. Adventure time is like Zelda 2 so i wana try it out but im not opening my 3ds CE.. Its worth money already so ill buy a used copy somewhere

robparko1919d ago

That's the only reason I'd like to check out Adventure Time. I'm not familiar with the brand, but the gameplay looks good.