GDC08: Joystiq live from Sony's Block Party

Joystiq writes:

"Word on the street is that Sony's Block Party, uh ... party is, well, in a word: exclusive. We spoke with several notable video game writers, developers, and others who apparently couldn't get into Mezzanine, the trendy club you're seeing in that shot above. To be honest, we hate to sound like the ungrateful twerps everyone assumes we are but, here goes."

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gamesblow3834d ago

Awesome move on Sony's part, if you ask me. It shows that gaming isn't everything in life and that's awesome. Sony's also showing that no matter what Micro walked away with yesterday, they're not too phased by it.

Hats off to Sony, man.

Bathyj3834d ago

Who invited them nerds to the party?

titntin3833d ago

Sony's parties have always been real 'parties' with the emphasis on drinking and dancing and live performances from bands. It's been this way for over a decade, and Joystiq are showing they're pretty new to all this stuff if they were expecting anything to be about games!

As a developer myself, I used to grab tickets to Sony's London parties for many years. A good excuse to get drunk on free booze and laugh at other devs and industry notables making t*ts of themselves.
Even game devs need to get away from pixels once in a while.... :)

Qbanboi3833d ago

Yeah, it's official. The dudes over Joystiq are virgins nerds, who get scared when they see "real partys" when they spected video games. Nice Joystiq ^^.