Dead Space 3 gets Voice Control, first Co-Op game to support Voice Commands on Kinect for Xbox 360

Visceral Games and EA announced that the first big blockbuster launch of 2013, Dead Space 3, will be available exclusively on Kinect for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The all-new Kinect functionality further immerses players into the Dead Space universe by allowing players to use simple voice commands to help a friend from the onslaught of horrors and thrills that awaits them in this spine-tingling new adventure. Dead Space 3 featuring Kinect will make it easier for co-op partners to give each other health or ammo, find objectives, revive one another and more when the game launches February 5, 2013.

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CommonSense2017d ago

So you're playing a co-op game where you're talking anyway..and we're supposed to think this will work? Psh. Believe it when I see it.

IIC0mPLeXII2017d ago

Its not going to work, its a gimmick, they rarely work

DiRtY2017d ago

Yeah, first two comments would already feel offended to have this option on their console.

CalvinKlein2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

they would rather wave their ps3 wii-too motes in the air in ratchet all 4 1.

haha ps3 fanboys mad because noone gives the crap about the sony wii too-mote. Sony counts the nunchuck as a move sale and still noone cares to support it because its just like the wiimote that noeone likes in real games anyways.

edit-- ahahhhaha... sony fanboys sure are butthurt about optional kinnect features for a console that they dont even have. haaha

Dread2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

hey the move is not a copy of the wii mote!!!!!!

remember that sony had a patent twenty million years ago related to this, so they invented it.

also, trophys are different than achievements, and if they are similar, then sony invented them anyways, and Ms copied Sony, as always!!!!.

and finally, playstation super star is not a clone of nintendo smash bros. They are totally differnt games, only haters say that they are similar. And if they were similar then sony published the game first anyways.

also kenect is a identical to the sony eye toy, so kenect was sonys idea!

Sony only inovates the rest follow.

IIC0mPLeXII2017d ago

Actually I dont want any motion control, see im not casual like you....ok stupid?

DigitalRaptor2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

You're right it's good that it's optional. I'm just glad to be getting to play two of the greatest games of recent times: BioShock Infinite and Portal 2 all the way through with Move in 2013.

No one cares? Ken Levine and Gabe advocate the device and I think that two of the greatest developer minds that our industry holds in high regard isn't "no one". It's only gonna grow from here.

@ Dread

The point people make about Move is that we have proof that it was in concept, research & development phases before the Wii was even announced, which means that Sony didn't copy Nintendo tech, but also who says Sony invented it?

Trophies are different than Achievements. If you'd research into it, you'd know that a Platinum is the true indicator of how much you have achieved based on skill. Getting a Platinum, like most will tell you is a bitch. Then there's the tiered Bronze, Silver and Golds. PSN allows you to see on a gamer profile how many of these you have to judge your skill. It also works like an RPG leveling system.

Trophies are an embellishment of what MS created with 360, but a gamerscore is simply a growing score as far as I am aware.

And just like this, Kinect is a better version of the PlayStation Eye, which is a better version of the EyeToy, which is a better version of Sega's DreamEye camera. BUT to someone like you, when Sony comes out with a better version of their PlayStation Eye/Move tech, you will say that they ripped off MS. Goes both ways buddy.

"and finally, playstation super star is not a clone of nintendo smash bros. They are totally differnt games, only haters say that they are similar. And if they were similar then sony published the game first anyways."

The first half of this is mostly true. The games are similar in concept only. As has been mentioned by any well-respected outlet, the gameplay at its core is deeper, more based on skill and completely different. So "clone" is only used by people like yourself who don't bother to look beyond the surface. The last sentence... WTF? Who's saying Sony published the game first? No one.

Gridloc2017d ago

I wonder how much MS paid them for this highly anticipated feature no one asked for? Better with Kinect is a joke...

ChronoJoe2017d ago

I thought Binary Domain already did this?

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