StreamMyGame virtualizes Applications : MS Office and Steam on PS3 Linux announced today that its software now enables 2D applications as such as Microsoft Office as well as 3D games to be used remotely on low spec Windows notebooks, Linux devices and the PlayStation 3.

All 2D applications can be used including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, XP Media Center and even Photoshop along with commercial applications such as MYSQL Administrator and SAP's Database Manager.

Gamers who use Valve's Steam network can now use StreamMyGame to remotely see Steam's 2D launcher. They can start games such as Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress and then record, broadcast and stream them, even to the PlayStation 3.

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Fishy Fingers3832d ago

Thats pretty cool and technically impressive.

Still why have your PC on and stream to your PS3, if i want to do a speedsheet or word doc, ill just do them on the PC.

mingeeta3832d ago

because a lot of people have their pc's in a different room and/or connected to a smaller monitor.

sreaming allows people to use their ps3 with bigscreens to use it in the comfort of their livingroom, not to mention many other reasons

slymaddox3832d ago

I have not tried anything with this software because I think there would be too much lag with games. It would'nt be to bad to use office though. Too bad I already have my PC hooked up using HDMI.