PixelJunk Monsters Demo Arrives Tomorrow

Kotaku writes: If you've passed so far on Q-Games charming PixelJunk Monsters, perhaps the forthcoming demo will change your mind. It's planned to hit the PlayStation Store tomorrow with the rest of the usual updates that North American PlayStation 3 owners have come to expect every Thursday. Q-Games prez let slip that the cheap and lazy will finally get their hands on the unique tower defense strategy game with a PixelJunk twist in our quick sit-down today, the details of which you'll be reading about soon.

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sonarus3748d ago

heard so many good things about this game. All i need is a demo to make my decision. Hopefully this isnt the only demo tomorrow.

Da360sucks3748d ago

i purchase this game for my girl
i find myself playing it for hours
thank god i have 3 ps3
me ,my girl , my son

gamesblow3748d ago

Easily, and this is no lie, the best game on the PSN, barring High Velocity bowling. Pixel Junk Monsters is without a doubt worth every damn penny and then some. you won't put it down, man.

I hate strat games and all that too. I hate Civilization, Black & White, Populous and Rampart... never did like any of that junk. This game, it changed everything for me.

It's fun, it's addicting and it's easy to get into. If you only buy 1 game from PSN... Make it this or High Velocity bowling.

Packet3748d ago

Was just playing a couple games today with remote play on my PSP.

This isn't old. There was a demo in the Japanese store but not in the US store. Well worth the price for this wonderful but very challenging game.

ravinash3748d ago

I down loaded this and Everyday shooter last night....problem was I spent all of last night playing everyday tonight I better give this one a go.

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