GoldenEye 007' rumours return, major revelation expected next week

GoldenEye 007' rumours return, major revelation expected next week

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pwnsause3657d ago

WTF? now the pictures make sense.

rCrysis3657d ago

they should stop these rumors and hurry up and finish the game. i was a big fan of the original and if the XBL version is supposed to have updated graphics and online multiplayer, this will be my reason to buy a 360.


kevoncox3657d ago

I think this is a total remake.
360 looks like it' going blow for blow with the ps3 so far.
2008 is going to be a great year for multi plat gamers.

I expect Killzone to miss 08 along with FF13 and white knight.

So Ps3 will have Resistance, MGSm GT5 and LPB( could be good don't know)

WHile 360 will have
GOW, Too human, Fable and Golden eye and ninja gaiden

This year is looking strong for everyone.

OC Shock Value3657d ago

Holy SHYT..

If they remake goldeneye im buying a 360 ASAP.. I am starting to feel dumb for downtalking the xbox

Gadget733657d ago

What if they revamped GoldenEye in such a way they didn't need Nintendo's permission? What if they took out Bond, and perhaps even the campaign, and just release a multiplayer game with all the maps and weapons, but sans Bond? Makes sense to me. No fuss, no rights issues. It has been done before. Even with GoldenEye. Anyone remember the first level of TimeSplitters 2? That was a GoldenEye level as well, but tweaked.

OC Shock Value3657d ago

i dont know man.. i think it will probably be goldeneye still.. if they can just get the title then that game is an instant hit.. im willing to buy a 360 again if they do this

Gadget733657d ago

Well, of course the title is instant, erm, 'gold'. But given the problems they have with the licence, I would not be surprised they change that to 'GoldenBrow' or 'Eyes of Gold' or 'TGFNAGBWCCITBOTL' (The Game Formerly Known As GoldenEye But We Can't Call It That Because Of The Lawyers).

I am sure, if they make clear this is in fact GoldenEye, fans won't mind the new name. And people who haven't played the game on N64 won't care at all.

SolidSnake933657d ago

If they took out bond then it wouldn't be goldeneye.

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The story is too old to be commented.