Major Gaming Media’s Distaste for Nintendo & the Wii U

By Furious Francis, editor-in-chief

Nintendo has always had a massive fan base, who loves their games like Mario, Metroid, and Zelda. Leagues of fans lined up to get the Wii and Wii U on their respective launch days, but one thing is clear. There is a wildly different perception of Nintendo, from the consumers who purchase their products and the media who cover them . If you went off the media's perception of Nintendo and the Wii U, one would think they are the worst company ever. Many major media sites have been insanely critical of the Wii U because it doesn't fit their perceptions of how a console should be. Before you read the rest of the article. Take a look at the latest episode of the Annoyed Gamer on This type of attitude toward Nintendo is widespread in the gaming industry. You can even check out my interview with Craig from Screwattack. He called the system trash before it was even released. Please comment and let us know what you think.

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browngamer411953d ago

All very valid points...Nintendo gets more hate from the games media and "hardcore" gamers(I was playing hardcore games on my Nintendo systems before most of these idiots were born)than any other company...

jmc88881953d ago

No it's really not just 'hardcore' gamers.

I'm a 'hardcore' gamer. Like you I was playing hardcore games on the NES as they were way more hardcore than on my Apple II or Atari 2600, etc.

But I also like Nintendo games. Even though I didn't get a Wii, I saw the value in people getting one. The Wii U has what I want, and I want some Nintendo games and hopefully some good ports.

Doesn't mean it needs to, my PC is more powerful than what the 720 or PS4 will be. Didn't matter, I still wanted a Wii U. Will still get the others as well.

It's funny that it's not 'hardcore' gamers that hate the systems. It's people who ONLY like 'hardcore' games that due to their past perceptions (aka a guess by them) that don't like the system. They are in their own little bubble. Because you CAN be like millions of other gamers who like 'hardcore' games and yet still like what Nintendo offers, and realizes that no....Nintendo doesn't automatically mean 'kiddie'. Only fools think like that. To them, they must think 'don't spend a penny all in one place' still holds true....because things never change according to them.

Triggytrolls1952d ago

A lot of the kids that hate on the Wii U are not old enough to remember a console before the days of playstation/xbox.

darthv721952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

both of you are using the term "hardcore" to describe the games rather than the practice of playing games.

That is where there is a disconnect between older and younger gamers. older gamers understand the connotation of such a term like casual or hardcore as it relates to the amount of dedication one put into playing games. It wasnt the "type" of game at all.

The younger generation of gamers (as eluded to by triggytrolls) at some point took those designations and made them fit more to the type of game they played.

for example, by today's classification a game like tetris is a casual game by nature. yet there can be some pretty hardcore tetris players out there. In my phrasing, the term hardcore describes the amount of effort into playing a game of tetris as someone playing on a more regular/consistent basis than someone else.

Simply put, pretty much every gamer can be classified as both hardcore AND casual depending on how much time they put into a game. I myself am a casual halo player but have been a hardcore mario kart player now and then. It is by the addictive nature of a game that can make the term go either way.

When i was younger, you earned the right to be called a hardcore gamer because you pretty much played games all the time. It didnt matter what game just so long as the addictive nature of the game sucked you in more than the next guy.

on a side note...what triggytroll said has some merit. Most younger gamers dont know what it was like to progress from the days of pong up through the 2600 on to today. therefore there is no appreciation of where gaming came from and with that there is a lack of respect to the pioneers of the hobby.

I do believe with age comes wisdom and at some point these younger players will be older and having similar conversations with younger gamers about how things were different in their early years as well.

Muffins12231952d ago

I got a gtx680 and its like atleast twice as powerful as next gen consoles lol...cause its around 500 dollars and no way will the graphics card for next gen consoles be around 250

ozstar1952d ago

@Triggytrolls, but none of them bought the Xbox.

Which is the point here really. Generational favoritism swings just as quickly in the core gamer market than it does in the mainstream market, its just theres paid trolls like GT who rely on core gamers for ad profit.

None of this matters anyway, you see its app gaming thats incurring on traditional gaming media, not the opposite.

1952d ago
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Dark5tar11953d ago

All valid points. The Annoyed Gamer is stupid that its Nintendo's fault for a crappy port that was WB's job. I would bet money if Rocksteady ported it, it would be MUCH better. Michael Pachter, who listens to that nut?

MsmackyM1953d ago

I've enjoyed gaming since 1985 and I guess I have taken it for granted not everyone who games just do it for the enjoyment. Beating up on a product that you don't have to buy, look at, or pay attention to, really makes me envy other peoples free time.

Kamikaze1953d ago

Ok and your point is....

twilight_link1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Nintendo was extremely successful for well over 25 years, they created modern mainstream gaming, when they became extremely successful they where betrayed by 3rd party companies, they lived under the shadow of giant. When opportunity arose they betrayed Nintendo especially Japanese developers (Square and co.). Rationale was quite simple support platform holders with dependency on their will, Sega and after all Sony, you can extort them because their success depend on their good will, in this case they can literary create or ruin platform.

Nintendo was not this case not only Nintendo survived their treason but in long therm period they flourished.

Sony and M$ success is completely dependent on their good will.

Nintendo survived EVEN without them or rather despite of them, so they try with bad ports and slander.

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