Developers Have Squeezed Every Bit Of Juice From The PS3 - Divnich

NowGamer: "As we quickly approach next-gen, more and more developers claim that they've "maxed out" the consoles. But just how true is that? Is this just hyperbole to get us excited about their games?"

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Dailynch2165d ago

Nooooooooooooo, why no more juice? Do PS3s run on oranges or something?

ravinash2165d ago

I tried putting an Orange into my PS3 and only got an orange light. :-(

Zabby912165d ago

Then here comes Last of Us which is going to blow them away

AAACE52165d ago

Dont believe stuff like this people. This is just more propaganda to get us to switch to the next gen consoles.

This is the same bs the news does that gets us thinking how they want us to.

I am having fun now and will look to upgrade when i get bored.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32165d ago

"Then here comes Last of Us which is going to blow them away"

Who, the feeble minded?

2165d ago
Army_of_Darkness2165d ago

Please... Don't act like you ain't impressed with the last of us. People gonna hate what they don't got, or can't get lol!

ABizzel12165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

"But what of Sony's PS3 which, according to the console manufacturer, was meant to have a ten-year lifespan. It's only been six years and we're hearing regular rumours surrounding the PS4.

"I haven't heard Sony talk about their ten-year lifespan for their gaming products in a while," says Divnich, "I don't necessarily know if that is even true given how rapidly technology has been evolving."

Divnich doesn't believe that the PS3 was ever really intended to last ten years, however, and that Sony has managed extremely well to keep its console relevant for five years, let alone ten.

"I think their ten-year rule is more of a stretch goal and a metaphor for their approach to building technologies that can stay relevant years after its release.

"Phones become obsolete in two years, computers in three. If Sony can continue to build platforms that remain relevant five years after release, I'd consider it a job well done.""

This has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen a "Professional" in the gaming industry ever say. I don't even know where to start. I swear the world is suffering from an endless spell of intelligence loss. No one, with moderate intelligence, expected te PS3 HARDWARE-WISE to be a top performing console for 10. The 10 year life cycle for PlayStation systems simply means that Sony and other developers will continue to publish games, produce content, and support the console for up to 10 years. The PS4 is rumored to come out in 2013 meaning the PS3 will be 7 years old by then. Is it that hard to believe that multiplatform games will continue to be developed for the PS3 and possibly 360 seeing how they have install base of over 70 million each, and consumers still purchasing them when neither have reach the Golden $99 price point. I swear people are getting more and more ignorant each day. This is how the world ends, the ignorant will vastly outnumber the intelligent, and eventually they'll destroy the earth.

BattleAxe2165d ago

Developers keep saying that the PS3 is maxed out, then Guerrilla Games, Sony Santa Monica, or Naughty Dog release a new game....

neogeo2165d ago

ok here is my idea. Aliens, no the Borg are about to destroy the Earth. They send us a message that says the human race has 1 year to make ps3 run a game in 1080p 60fps and look amazing or they will blow us up. So every country and programmer on earth use trillions of dollars and man hours to squeeze ever bit of juice out of the PS3. I wonder how the game would look.

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KyRo2165d ago

A lot of developers claim they max out consoles yet Naughty Dog always comes around with a better looking game with better AI and better gameplay. Most developers just don't ustise consoles to they're maximum capibilities it seems. Well sometimes at least.

Blackdeath_6632165d ago

current gen consoles have been maxed out ages ago the reason why naughty dog comes up with better games each time is because they know what to do with the power and how to make a better looking game. the lastofus looks way better than uncharted but no because it has better graphics but because naughtydog used clever lighting affects and made a more vibrant environment.
Developers need to relise that while console power is a limiting factor, creativity has no bounds. developers who blame the hardware either have ambitious ideas or have ran out creativity (which is usually the case)

RuperttheBear2165d ago

I want The Last of Us, but it doesn't look like much of a step above Uncharted. It's a different sort of game and experience, but it's not a night and day difference.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Does The Last of Us look better than uncharted 3? idk..

And when I can't tell we need new consoles.

God of war spin off is not much better than god of war 3.

256mb ram over 7-8 years? Face it it's over..

I am starting to think aqueezing out more means decreasing other things. Resolution seems to be the most popular.

Once your stuck at 720p in 2012 your maxed out.


They could go back to 480p and squeeze out more juice! Yeah!

We could forget ext gen and get better ps3 graphics at 240p 24fps?

Could work. lol

Time for this quality

mewhy322165d ago

Every developer says they've maxed it out. Then we see that they find new innovative ways to get a little more out of it. I don't think it's truly maxed out yet.

HarryMasonHerpderp2165d ago

Who cares if the PS3 has been maxed out?
It's been six years and we have only just seen the PS3's true potential with games like Uncharted 3, Killzone 3 and the upcoming The Last Of Us.
We have games like Heavy Rain and God Of War 3 looking just as great now as they did back then.
Also God Of War Ascension looks amazing.
I'm really not bothered if the PS3 is now maxed out because it's been 6 brilliant years.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2165d ago

2008: Yea we maxed out the consoles.

2009: We've squeezed every bit of power out of the ps3.

2010: Yup this engine pretty much maxes out the hd consoles.

2011: There's nothing left now. We've finally maxed the consoles.

2012: Yea there's not even 1% of power left.

2013: The Last of us, Beyond: Two souls, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes etc....

aquamala2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

do PS3 games from the last 4 years look much better than Uncharted 2? so how is it not maxed out?

avengers19782165d ago

I have heard that before and then more amazing games come out... God of war 3 was unbelievable but the new looks better and adds the MP... naughty dog delivered an epic franchise with uncharted and look to be outgoing that with last of us... it may be that these developers know more tricks now, or that the PS3 still has more power to give... either way there are some very impressive games coming out.

aquamala2165d ago

yes it's maxed out, PS3 games are not going to look like Far Cry 3 or BF3 on PCs,

why is PS4 in development at all if there are plenty of juices left?

Hellsvacancy2165d ago

Do you think Apple release new iPads etc every year because the old one "ran out of juice"? hell no

Consumers are stupid, most of them will buy anything if you slap "New And Improved" on the box

DOMination-2165d ago

The Last of Us looks great but in terms of tech and graphics, its not much of a step up from Uncharted 2.

Silly gameAr2165d ago

But, there's not many games that look like U2 or U3 for that matter so the Last of Us being a step up, even a tiny one, is a damn good thing. Shows what competent devs can still do this late in the PS3's life cycle. If it's maxed out for one dev, there will always be another to come along and push the PS3's limits a little bit further.

DOMination-2165d ago

Yes absolutely. It's never a bad thing to be compared to U2 - one of the very best games this gen. I agree with your point

Maddens Raiders2165d ago

"Developers Have Squeezed Every Bit Of Juice From The (Fill in the Blank)"

If I had a nickel for every article titled this way re: one's favorite console I could've bought myself a new SuperSlim by now.

SonyStyled2165d ago

no it doesnt run on oranges. all electric devices run on smoke. once theres a short and you let the smoke out, it doesnt work anymore- thus proving everything runs on smoke

MastaPiff2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

I could go for a PS3 Julius right now...

"Mmm, Tangy!!!" LoL

showtimefolks2165d ago

well than how come ND keep improving from one game to another? i don't think any developer can max out ps3,xbox360 just because its a learning process. you look at ND for example from uncharted 1 to 3rd to now lat of us.

than you look at gears of war 1 to 3rd to now judgement

most of the top developers new tricks throughout the development period and some can be used right away other they use for their future games

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theBAWSE2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

And the naughty dog develops last of us ..and shows just how much tripe certain developers talk which then inturn makes you think how untalented certain development teams are if naughty dog can once again set new standards with graphics on hardware other developers Claim is maxed out!!!

shows there talents or lack thereof plus there lack of ideas thank God for david cage and the naughty dog team plus the team behind journey

iamnsuperman2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Good developers talk, Great developers do.

It is just PR bull when someone says a console is maxed out with their game

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ILive2165d ago

To be honest, as much as I am looking forward to the last of us, I think it is not that much of a step above uncharted 3. I think Beyond is the epitimy of what the ps3 is capable of. I think it can't get any better than both games on the system. God of War asscession is also an honorable mention. I honestly think the PS3 was "maxed out" with metal gear solid 4. That game is still amazing till today.

THC CELL2165d ago

when naughty dog says then i will believe

-GametimeUK-2165d ago

They said they maxed it out with Uncharted 2.


ravinash2165d ago

Fact of the matter is, most dev's still haven't even reached the level that Uncharted 2 was at.

SAE2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

maxed out doesn't mean they cant go with different style and produce better looking games , rockstar can say they maxed out consoles with v but they still can make better looking game , it's about the idea of the game , they maxed out the idea on the console , the idea is gameplay not graphics , uncharted about the story and graphics , less gameplay in it compared to gta , you see what i mean ?. it's about what the developers focus on , they have to sacrfice a factor of the game to make the other special...

but still they have a point , this generation is over in making impressive games , games in this generation are just an upgrade to the other games in this generation , they are not a step forward because of the limit of this generation consoles ..

MikeMyers2165d ago

What Naughty Dog can do is work within the hardwares limitations. They know the restrictions and are more than capable of still producing good games within those restrictions. Give them less restrictions and their options open up.

One of the best games this year was The Walking Dead but that game wasn't great because of its technical abilities. It was very limited but the story and premise is what made it so great. Naughty Dog can make great looking games but don't expect a wide open premise from them like Far Cry 3.

SAE2165d ago

i guess im wrong , naughty dog can make huge open world with pc graphics and strong story with smart AI in ps3 right now but they just don't want to make it -.-

why disagree ?. >.<..

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DigitalAnalog2165d ago

It's a known fact that "open-world" games are extremely costly not to mention the amount of time to build one. If we were to go by ND standards, it would be within the range of GTA-type budget which requires about 5 - 7 million sales to break even.

kB02165d ago

I honestly think 3rd party devs shouldn't have the balls to talk like this lol. Especially since we're seeing crappy ports still.

Here is what they meant to say:

"We've maxed out the ps3 to the best of OUR abilities, which are in no way flawed".

^ is believable.

This goes for both ps3 and 360 btw:)...and Wii.U...but I mean why bring in the ugly duckling?

felidae2165d ago

so ... if the ps3 is maxed out now and the games on the Wii U look as good as them then Wii U games will look way better in the future.

kB02165d ago

If nintendo actually invests in it...unlike how the wii was a whore for games....crap after crap...usually only first party rocked out world:)

neogeo2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Wii had the most garbage but your wrong. Nintendo ALWAYS maxes there systems out.

1. super mario galaxy 2- advance lighting, particle effects, fur shading, reflections, this game is just a beast on the Wii.
2. Super mario galaxy
3. Kirby epic yearn- this game has some of the most impressive animation.
4. Muramasa
5. Fragile dreams
6. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
7. A boy and his blob
8. Monster hunter tri
9. Xenoblade
10. Metroid prime 3

kB02165d ago

U didn't prove my point right, do you even read the comments before you comment?

"usually only first party rocked out world:)"

Thank You:)

Majority of the games u named are first party:) With the exception of some that didn't use the wii hardware to it's fullest... I'll give you xenoblade though, that game was awesome.

Also don't get ART direction confused with graphics:)

givemeshelter2165d ago

You can't say that on this sight. It will get you banned LOL

ado9082165d ago

I don't recall seeing any Wii U game looking like The last of Us.

SyWolf2165d ago

I don't recall seeing any launch PS3 games that look like the last of us either. It's stupid to compare the graphics for a system at the end of its lifecycle to one that's just starting.

ado9082164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )


"It's stupid to compare the graphics for a system at the end of its life cycle to one that's just starting."

Here's the problem in your argument. The Wii U is a a next gen system. There is not one game on the Wii U (a Next gen system) that looks better than even Uncharted 2 which is on a last gen system. See the problem here? You're trying to make an excuse for a system that's being comparable to a 6 year old tech. I don't recall any PS2 game look better than Resistance Fall of man or Warhawk. Sure game graphics crap on them now but not one PS2 game looked as good as resistance and Warhawk. The best on the Ps2 was maybe Resident evil 4 or Black.

I'm sure some of you will tell me but it's harder to build hardware when we're this advanced into this gen. Umm no I can make my games look 10x better on my PC as opposed to my Ps3. There is always improvements to be made.