Stupidly impressive GT5: Prologue screens

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue doesn't look real - it looks better than real. It's like God swooped in and invented a new kind of light that makes everything that much cooler

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C_SoL3468d ago

I thought it was over 40 cars. Well that makes it even better.

Carbon3468d ago

Can't wait to see that on the new 50" Samsung LCD!!!

xhi43468d ago

I think i just stained my pants......oops. lol

graphics are intense aye!

Bill Gates3468d ago

That ol' grey Vett is SICK!!!!

You gammers see the attention to detail on that horse with four wheels?...WOW

pharmd3468d ago

I've had that pic of the red audi R8 as my wallpaper for weeks now, I cannot wait!