The times you thought: "**** this game"

The quietest and most deadliest of rages. Those games where you just couldn't any more.

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DesVader1989d ago

Whahaha. I've had plenty of those moments in games where I have to get up, walk away and go back later else I will smash all things.

PandaMcBearface1989d ago

These are games where I couldn't even go back :|

JKelloggs1989d ago

I remember breaking a many amount of PS1 controllers when I was younger. I never knew that a game was supposed to beat me...

Mocat1989d ago

MK9 shao kahn last battle, nuff said

schmoe1989d ago

very very funny, but wouldn't be as funny if it was not true

Choc_Salties1989d ago

Its almost as bad when facedesking the keyboard with muppets playing next to you in a co-op game

DesVader1989d ago

Would you be playing Dota2 by any chance?? :)

KwietStorm1989d ago

I remember playing the first Devil May Cry on Dante Must Die mode, specifically fighting Nightmare. RAGE

Robotronfiend1989d ago

Due to glitches: Naughty Bear and Rage.

Due to difficulty: X-Com (the first one), XCOM (new one on impossible setting), and Demon's Souls.

Due to being an awful game: FF13

I did finish both XCOM games, but it required periods of cooldown.

I said "F THIS GAME!" at the ending (or complete lack of one) for Final Fantasy Tactics. I still want to BBQ every chocobo I see.

iamnsuperman1989d ago

The mile high thing took me ages to do. I randomly decided to have a bum day at uni and just thought **** it. Everyone has lectures I can do it by the time they get back. Several hours later I was still trying. I managed to do it in the end but there was no sense of gratitude that I had done it. More confusion that I have wasted my day doing it

PandaMcBearface1988d ago

I know all these feels. You're lucky you actually managed to complete it though. well, I mean it's all relative I suppose - I wasted a day with no result at all, not even confusion.

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The story is too old to be commented.