Cliff Bleszinski Talks Life After Epic Games


Former Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski is in studio with Morgan Webb and Blair Herter talking life after Epic, traveling the world, ideas for starting his own studio, and being known for the chainsaw gun.

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j-blaze1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

sound like a shooter, wish he'd make a psychological survival horror or a Dino Crisis like game

black9111897d ago

Cliffy You Should Remake A Spawn Game.

mewhy321897d ago

cliff is a legend and I can't wait to see what he does next.

Skate-AK1897d ago

The picture is ironic to his quote.

m-s-8-21897d ago

The chainsaw gun ain't what he should be concerned about, it's the faux-hawk

RatchetandClank1897d ago

some developers try so hard to make a game that will seal their name in the video game industry. meanwhile people like kojima and bleszinski (who I have great respect for) try so hard to get away from that games that made special in the video game industry. I guess I understand where they're coming from, but still you know.

Cueil1897d ago

maybe he feels pigeonholed? That gun made him rich and is probably one of the main reasons he's still with the woman he loves rather then her off with some other worthless dude. It's easier to work through your issues when you're not worried about the small stuff like bills and getting back and forth to work with your 300 dollar car.

Psychonaughty1897d ago

Being rich and famous only adds to the worries, don't believe me? Look up every story of lottery winners, they all ended badly, look up famous peoples lives, not many happy endings there either huh!

I wish this generation would stop esteeming fame and fortune and be happy with what they have which if it involves at least one loved one makes him/her a rich man/woman.

Cueil1897d ago

Cliffy has fame and fortune, but he didn't make it over night (and lets not confuse him with some celebrities... he can walk down a city road). The guy hit it big with Gears, but it was something that happened over time not all at once like lotto winners. The crunch time of Gears put a tremendous amount of stress on his relationship... I don't want to some how trivialize the problems that come out of that, but you compound that with money issues and even the best of couples will eventually crack. Being an overnight rag to riches rarely pans out, but that's hardly this guy's story. That being said I wish him the best and look forward to his continued success and happiness in his professional and personal life.

-GametimeUK-1897d ago

Tough luck, man. Sorry, but he is from this point on going to be known as the Gears of War guy. Its not a bad thing. It just shows how amazing that game really was.

Cueil1897d ago

unless he makes something better

cl19831897d ago

Or maybe jazz jackrabbit, unreal tournaments, bullet storm, shadow complex to name a few.

Dark5tar11897d ago

Shouldn't Morgan and Blair ALSO be talking life after G4?

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