Angry Birds to conquer Silver Screen in 2016

Angry Birds is getting a movie adaption. Not really surprising that. What is surprising, is that it may actually be a quality film, thanks to the top class producers attached. What do you think? Milking the franchise or not?

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Choc_Salties1956d ago

I can't stand the games or the merchandise. Now we're getting a film??

-GametimeUK-1956d ago

I don't dislike the games or the merchandise. The game is somewhat entertaining and I think the T-shirts and the plush toys look quite cool. The thing that about the franchise that bothers me is I don't understand why it is so huge!

It has a marketable image for sure, but the game isn't that good even for a mindless 5 minute session on the bus etc. I really fail to understand its polularity. I don't know how the series has made it this far, but hats off to whoever made it happen. They are clearly much smarter than me lol

schmoe1956d ago

at first i thought this was a real stretch, but with a pedigree like Captain America, The First Avenger, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man films.... colour me intrigued

DesVader1956d ago

Yes, I know...When will the madness stop and HOW CAN THEY POSSIBLY MAKE A MOVIE OF THIS?
Angry Birds 1: New Hope for the Eggs
Angry Birds 2: The Birds Strike Back
Angry Birds 3: Return of the Piggies

if its based on the Star Wars variant)

PandaMcBearface1956d ago

I'm always excited to see if there is such a thing as a quality film based on a game. Count me in :D

DesVader1956d ago

Yup, there have been some epic fails at this. This might be "The One"

BigBoss19641956d ago

......Why? your flinging birds at pigs with a slingshot the only thing Rovio see's with this is a cash grab this movie shouldn't exist

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The story is too old to be commented.