Analysis of Americas Sales for the Week Ending February 16, 2008

Jacob Mazel of VGChartz writes: This is a strange week for Americas sales. Overall, only DS and PS3 sales were up from the previous week with software down sharply in the wake of the Devil May Cry 4 debut last week. That part is pretty normal. The strangeness comes from the PS3, the most expensive platform on the market, outselling all platforms but the DS. It's possible that the growing awareness that the Blu Ray media format won out over HD-DVD is providing a bit of a perceived value increase for the PS3 similar to the effect a price cut would have.

.....2/16/2008....2/17/2007.....YoY Change

As for PS3, the enormous increase is due to the release of Devil May Cry 4 coinciding with PS3 winning the format war and the benefit of PS3 being cheaper than last year. While PS3 will continue to remain cheaper than it was last year for months, the shorter term benefits of Warner Brothers ending the format war and Devil May Cry 4 will wear off shortly, which should lead the rate at which PS3 is performing better than last year to decline until GTAIV releases in late April. Xbox 360 is performing well when compared to last year, but the fact that PS3 won the format war is likely limiting the growth of Xbox 360 year over year, as the console now loses some of its perceived value by being less future- proofed than the PS3.

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jwatt3711d ago

It's a slow month for gaming so I'm pretty sure Blu-Ray had a big effect on the ps3 doing so well. Even before the warner announcement the ps3 was gaining momentum in America anyways.

Genuine3711d ago

I would say that the victory of blu-ray compounded with Wii&360 shortages is what's helping the ps3 in N.A. But once the Wii&360 shortages are over the lionshare of N.A. ps3 sales will be attributed to the ps3's HD movie player. Core gamers in N.A. know that the ps3 can play games, but they also know that the ps3 is inferior to 360 as a game machine. Sony brand loyalists will try to deny that, but 360 has become a household name for gaming.

diatom3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Nice way to slip the flamebait in there.

Microsoft can make their own press releases and they don't particularly need your help. Maybe you should lay off the marketing or leave it in the open zone where it belongs.

adalwolfe3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I agree with you genuine.. not meaning to flame the ps3, but it is literally a year behind. If its big titles were not delayed they'd have nothing of interest to talk about this year. Look at how microsoft is dominating the show with their titles at GDC.. ps3 is just playing catchup, and still has nothing that competes with the current 360 exclusives let alone the ones coming down the pipe.. not to mention the bigger titles like GTA4 will have more content on the 360 version..

hazeblaze3710d ago

Actually, everyone I know at school is talking about the PS3... it's the machine everyone wants now & definitely has the most games to look forward to.

And @adalwolfe... where in the world have you been for the last few months???? The PS3 is the system the press is praising for 2008. It definitely has the superior game line up. Even for 2007 there were far more exclusives for me to purchase on the PS3 than I did on the 360! You're in serious denial!

SUP3R3710d ago

PS3 is also the talk of everyone in my area. When you walk into the local gamestop and eavesdrop on peoples conversations, they're talking about the PS3, my friends are all interested in the PS3 and now calling the 360 outdated.
The thing is the PS3 is actually the console everyone wants, but the price tag at launch day gave it negative feedback. However, since the price drop, it's now the talk of the town.

Genuine3710d ago

You guys should do the right thing by your friends, and point out that the ps3 is an inferior game machine to 360. Here are a few links that should help.


What unbiased game developers think of ps3:

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gamesR4fun3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

still nice to see the ps3 getting some rightouse love in NA

Cyrus3653711d ago

What's impressive is the PS3 year over year change, 30K to 80K, almost 2.5 times more....

Bill Gates3711d ago

What is there to "Analyze"? The PS3 is mopping the shinny marble floors at Sony head quaters with the 360. It's the only good use the 360 really has.....AHAHHAHHAHA

Hey BABOONS I'm thinking about purchasing a 360 to wipe my kitchen floors too. I reckon I'll put it to good use......AAHAHHAHAHHA

chitown3711d ago

ur a fukin @ss wipe dude get a life

Bill Gates3710d ago

what do you mean "get a life"?

I'm a gammer, I have plenty of lives....AHHAHAHAHHAA

derseb3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

what you dont realize: videogaming has been goin from a geek activity to the masses! almost everybody plays these days. the generation that watches movies has grown up with videogames.

people are not watching movies or playing games, they do both. they can do both only on one console: the future proof PS3!

edit: oops, this is for "genuine" below

tweaker3711d ago

Nice results.............

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