Wait a minute...GTA V is going to cost how much?

Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere? Then prepare to pay a ton extra for Grand Theft Auto V next year.

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CaptainCamper1960d ago

Any reason you didn't include the equivalent for US/EU? Kinda hard to understand how expensive it is otherwise :D

Darranged1960d ago

Well, after conversion, imagine paying around a $100 US for GTA V, at least. We took the local angle on this, but there are plenty of people in the comments going mental with rage, after they found the other international prices.

guitarded771960d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

A friend of mine in Brazil pays that much for all his PS3 games... until I turned him on to amazon. They deliver to Brazil, now he's getting his games on the cheap.

Here's a list of countries they deliver to if international shipping is available on the item...

Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela

And here's a link to the details.

irepbtown1959d ago

Here in UK tax is a real bugger. Our games are average £40 (online) which is $64.
In store they range from £45-£50 ($72-$81).

I won't be surprised if GTA V is £40 and $60 in UK/US.

Stevo911959d ago

Companies like this complain about their game being pirated but then go charge silly amounts of money for video game? Surely if they wanted to make the game 'less pirated' they would lower the cost not increase it...

charted1959d ago

In Australia, we pay $100 for every game, even though our currency is better then USD.

That's just how we roll!!

Abdou231959d ago

I live in Egypt, games here costs more than 100$. and companies complain about piracy !!!

HappyGaming1959d ago

@irepbtown Remember USA prices do not include any tax... when you go to the till in America the tax is added then. A $60 game would have around $4 of tax added to it at the till so $64 which is the same as the UK £40.

UK prices are not that bad you should check out Australia... $100 for a game -.-

Basjohn1959d ago

The trouble with Amazon is shipping internationally is INSANELY expensive. I'm in South Africa and I bought 3 rather rare and pricey art books, the shipping cost more than all 3 put together, and took 3 months to arrive.

They also refuse to ship electronics to SA due to theft, but I'm not sure if that includes games, but definitely excludes gaming hardware.

f7897901959d ago

Once again I shall explain this.

You're an international company. Do you want $1 mil Australian Dollars or an equivalent value of United States Dollars?

The USD because it's easier to spend.

ChrisW1959d ago

Beccha it'll be cheaper on STEAM...

RumbleFish1959d ago

I think they can charge whatever they want, that doesn't justify piracy. On top of that many gamers are willing to pay 60$ for extremely crappy games like ***** (insert whatever you hate most) and crappy ports like ***** and now people complain about R* when they want to charge a bit more? R* will deliver quality entertainig. Sooner or later the game will be playable without any major bugs and it will be a hell lotta fun. Let it come!

Tdmd1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )


I'm Brazilian and I've tried Amazon already. First of all, unless that has changed in the last few months, Amazon do NOT ship games to Brazil, only books, CD's and DVD's. Secondly, even if they did, it wouldn't make much of an difference, as they charge you for the import tax anyway. Just so you may picture it, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is costing 39 bucks over there - which was the cheapest US XCOM I've saw so far. Tax values added to this purchase and the 39 bucks turns into $97, which converts into approximately R$202 - more expensive than actually buy it here (I usually pay something around $72 for my ps3 games).
Ah, did I mentioned that the estimated delivery time range from 2 to 3 months? Yeah, that good.

Amazon is no solution. Not for us, Brazilians at least.

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Hanif-8761960d ago

Heck, in Jamaica we pay JMD $8500 (USD $94.44) and thats for every new game...

Uzesgelen_Goo1960d ago

in mongolia we pay 140.000 (USD $100) :(

okmrman1960d ago

hanif mi bredren
i remember those days of super high games back in jamaica

but since i moved to the USA i am loving the normal price tags

3-4-51959d ago

Wow...I don't feel bad about $60 anymore. For most games that is.

If a game is great, I'm sure we can all agree that we would be 80$ for it.

But if it's not great, there is no way it should be anymore than $40 Brand new.

Psycho_Mantis1959d ago

Jeeze.....and whats on the average pay check over there?

ShaunCameron1959d ago


It does put the current $60 CAD pricetag into perspective. It could have been worse.

badvlad1959d ago

In Slovakia they make you make your own games

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farhad2k81960d ago

Well, in the UK I've pre-ordered with a site that offers the 'price promise', so which ever price I pre-order at, I will always get that price, and if they make it cheaper by the time the game is released, they will update my price to the new one. Thank god for sites like that.

RedSoakedSponge1959d ago

would that be GAME by any chance?

farhad2k81958d ago

@RedSoakedSponge No, it's ShopTo.. I literally ALWAYS go with them for pre-orders, they deliver a few days earlier. Black Ops 2 came a day earlier, FIFA 13 came 2 days earlier, so I'm hoping I get something similar with GTA V.

Bobertt1960d ago

it says so right next to it, $86 and $92

Knight_Crawler1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Prepare your anu$ Southerners

DwightOwen1959d ago

Do you even KNOW where the Southern Hemisphere begins?

memots1959d ago

Somewhere below the an*s line.


torchic1960d ago

well in South Africa prices range from R599-R699 per game, depending on the game, depending on the retailer which works out to be about €59-€69 which is also what western European countries pay (most of the time it's €69 to be honest) so don't see what the fuss is over an extra R50/€5.

MastaPiff1959d ago

As an American I support the efforts of my fellow international gamers to get their video games at a reasonable price!!!

thorstein1959d ago

$86, 54 pounds, 67 euros.

GuyThatPlaysGames1959d ago

I'd still buy the game if it was $200. Get over it people!

Detoxx1959d ago

And how much would you pay for a console? €10,000?

jjdoyle1959d ago

agrees. terrible terrible terrible terrible

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Zichu1960d ago

Works out to about $86 or £54. Which is quite expensive. Games in the UK usually sell for £35 to £40, brand new on release day. Some games go up to £45 like GTAV and CoD, but you can get it cheaper if you just spend a few minutes searching.

CaptainCamper1960d ago

Have you been to Game recently? Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3, BO2, all 49.99 here on launch :D

onandonandon1960d ago

Nobody's been to Game lately that's why they went bust!

sourav931960d ago

Since when? My mate bought FC3 from GAME for £39.99 the day after launch.

Kurt Russell1960d ago

And that'll be why nobody shops at GAME ;)

Waddy1011960d ago

Far Cry 3 is £37.99, Assassin's Creed II is £39.99 and Black Ops 2 is £32.99 at the moment from GAME.
I don't see what you gain from spreading false figures.

pompombrum1959d ago

@waddy wrong Black Ops 2 is £43 currently from game retail shops.

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stage881960d ago

I'm glad I got my Tesco pre-order in.

GTA V for £30 - absolute bargain!

Zichu1960d ago

Ha, I did that offer, except it wasn't £40 when I did it, it was £39.99 and I had to find something for a cheap price to get the offer. I got a free book lol

DonnieDarko1959d ago

I was gonna say supermarkets are ridiculously cheap. Picked up FIFA and cod for £26 each launch day from sainsburys. Guarantee you they'll be doing something similar for Gta. They sold wii u premium pack at £269 launch day.

ado9081959d ago

Btw can you order from Tesco in America? Specifically Chicago?

YodaCracker1960d ago

Well, if there is any game that I would be willing to pay more than the $60 price tag for it is Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar have never let me down before and the quality of their games is second to none.

kupomogli1959d ago

They've let me down with just about every game except for San Andreas, the GTA4 series, Chinatown Wars, and Red Dead Redemption.

The original GTA game I got bored of in a couple of hours. LA Noire, Max Payne 2, Max Payne 3, Midnight Club LA Remix, and Midnight Club LA were pretty crappy. With LA, I thought it'd be better than LA Remix since it was on console and got such high reviews, and it's better, but still a crappy game.

gedapeleda1960d ago

It's about the same with new games in east europe

claud31960d ago

In africa the money is insane, Zimbabwe it costs 1million Zimbabwe dollars for a loaf... So you have to understand with war and other stuff

The market is in the toilet

GavinMannion1960d ago

lol are you mental or something?

You have to understand economies and stuff. This article is showing the price compared to $'s and pounds.. and there is no war or other stuff in South Africa.

jeez people you need to travel more

Rhythmattic1960d ago

Guess you'd need a "truck load"" to buy a game in cash..Literally.....

GavinMannion1960d ago


1. that's from 2008
2. That's not South Africa
3. Using conversion tools available on the internet shows you that converted to real currencies bread is still cheap

Rhythmattic1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Zimbabwe , Dude...

I never said South Africa...

I never said bread was expensive either....

I was just putting into perspective how many bits of paper it could take to buy a game there...

crackforgangstas1960d ago

You sir, need to travel more. Zimbabwe, in terms of war, just got out of one. Their civil war ended in 1979, those types of things can really keep an economy down for a while. Not to mention the severe hyperinflation they've seen in the past 10 years. That's the economies and "stuff" you're talking about... So our friend Claud3 is right on the nose here for the most part.

As far as South Africa, it is becoming an increasingly unstable region due to racial tensions between superiority groups and the bloodshed they have caused. I'm pretty sure I learned in school, as well, that Guerilla Warfare can have a profound impact on an economy.

pr0digyZA1959d ago

"As far as South Africa, it is becoming an increasingly unstable region due to racial tensions between superiority groups and the bloodshed they have caused"

What? I live in South Africa, and have no idea what you are talking about. Unless you are thinking of apartheid which is finished. And no talk about tensions stirring up.

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pr0digyZA1960d ago

You do know Africa has many countries in it right? with different economies, just like every other country in the world.

pixelsword1959d ago

Correct: Currently, The Omani Rial, Oman's (an East African Country) standard currency, is worth more than the U.S. dollar.

marigold1959d ago

I'm just amazed that apparently I live in a third-world warzone, rather than a leafy suburb in Cape Town.

SneeringImperialist1960d ago

oh claud I await the day you post a comment that isn't slander or complete bullshit.