Metro: Last Light Preview [Capsule Computers]

Brad Webster from Capsule Computers writes:

Yesterday, we here at Capsule Computers were given the opportunity to preview the latest build of one of THQ’s biggest projects, Metro: Last Light. This “hands-off” demo was commentated and played by Creative Manager Jeremy Greiner, who took us through a number of different elements of the game as well as three very different levels to demonstrate the variety in environments. And I have to say, it’s all looking very impressive.

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masterabbott1987d ago

this is a game im going to get as soon as its released, great preview, thanks for sharing it out.

ZacE1987d ago

Sweet, I need to finish 2033 first, haha.

ManDemon1987d ago

It certainly looks good, but THQ doesn't have a problem with poor looking games, just poor selling ones.

LinkageAX1987d ago

Wow, a preview already? This game sounds so much better than the mediocre first game. Keeping an eye out for this.

coaidant1985d ago

Metro 2033 was awesome, sure it was a bit short, had its fair share of glitches and the stealth sections were terriable BUT considering that it was trying to doing things differently, it wasn't trying to be the next CoD. The setting was awesome as well.

LinkageAX1984d ago

There was just something off about it, it lacked something. Maybe mediocre was a bad choice in words? It's probably closer to poorly.

ATi_Elite1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

hope it makes my GPU break a sweat like the first one!

Edit: after viewing GPU's are getting NERVOUS!!!!