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Vita 2012 Year In Review: Stop With The Doom & Gloom

"We talk about the Vita's launch up to the holiday season and discuss why it shouldn't be all negativity for this awesome device.
Included are discussions about Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4 Golden, and many more!" - FirstDropShow.com (PS Vita)

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KangarooSam  +   493d ago
How I feel after reading this title:


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LordStig  +   491d ago
i'll pick one up during the boxing day sales.
BeAGamer  +   491d ago
i'm getting a vita @ the end of this month alongside persona 4.

pretty hyped about it :)
CommonSenseGamer  +   491d ago
I so wish Sony would price PSN content more aggressively. Why are we still paying more for digital downloads than phtsical media at retail!?!
medziarz  +   491d ago
Huge Retail Corporations have Sony by the balls
PS4isKing_82  +   491d ago
I really want a vita but most devs seem to be avoiding it lately and putting their games on the 3ds. Although I wish Sony would contract one of their smaller devs like sanzaru games to make a new jak and daxter for the vita after they finish the new sky copper game. I would buy one as soon as I heard that news. Or something equally exciting!
LOGICWINS  +   491d ago
I think its that people are waiting to see what they will do with Gaikai. If I can play PS3 games on my smartphone via cloud, theres very little incentive to pay $250 for a seperate device when I can use a device I already own. If Gaikai delivers as expected, Sony will effectively cannabalize Vita sales.

What has me worried is battery life. Playing a console quality game via cloud on my Android phone would eat up battery quick.
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eferreira  +   491d ago
grab one, there are plenty of great titles right now and the system isn't even a year old. Everyone thought the same thing with the ps3 and 3ds. Trust me, it will get more games.
metroidfusion2  +   491d ago
The vita still sucks and a lot of people probably wont buy a lot until next year or 2014 or 2015 or 2016 it all depends on the games and right now a lot of people are disappointed
CommonSenseGamer  +   491d ago
hardware doesn't suck but its game library is lacking. Sure there are some solid games available but nothing that really convinces the masses to get a Vita.
LOGICWINS  +   491d ago
Actually the game library is fantastic. The problem is that the target market for Vita(existing PS3 owners) doesn't see the value in dropping 200 bucks to play smaller versions of pre-existing PS3 franchises such as MK9, NFS: Most Wanted, LBP, Uncharted, MGS, Killzone, Jet Set Radio etc. Yes, Uncharted: GA and LBP Vita are different from their console counterparts...but are they different enough to warrant an investment in a new handheld?

What will end up selling the system are exclusive Vita IPs like Gravity Rush.
CommonSenseGamer  +   491d ago
Yes, but look at your list. Barely a title that's not available on the PS3. There is no killer must have Vita exclusive that really raises the profile of the Vita to the masses.

Honestly, if the Vita were a portable Xbox and the only big games on it were Gears and Halo Sony campers would say there is no reason to buy it.
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cgoodno  +   491d ago
Gotta agree with Logic on this one.

Got the $180 ACL deal from Amazon. I have been hearing for months on how there were no games to play. There are a lot. More than were available on the DS in its first year. Furthermore, there are a ton of digital options for PSP and PS1/PS2 games. Heck, even some PS Minis for cheap thrills.

But, yeah, the crowd that normally would pick this up, kids, tend to lean towards Nintendo it seems whereas the crowd that leans towards the type of gaming on the PSVita tend to already own a console or two.
Acquiesc3  +   491d ago
Yeah, I've been really enjoying my Vita a lot. Heck, I hardly touched my ps3, 360, and wii lately.
strigoi814  +   491d ago
i dont know about you haters out there...i never own a psp coz i dont like that it doesnt have dual analog sticks..now i have a vita and im enjoying it and downloading great games i missed out on the psp with vita games..with cross buy vita will never be gone..it has lot of potential it just need to be advertised more..but anyways i still pitty you guys who dont have one yet..
majiebeast  +   491d ago
Should buy Patapon 2 its a amazing underrated psp game.
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Adolph Fitler  +   491d ago
Yep, seems ridiculous that we pay more, or the same for digital games, than physical media. I mean, in Asutralia, you can buy say, Dishonered on launch day for $69 & I get not only the cover, instructions & disk, but also a steel skull promo keyring & t-shirt in a nice little folder, whereas, if I buy the digital crap, it is $89 & I get sweet F.A. for $20 more.
BF3 comes up for digital download for $119 AU, when I can get it instore for 79 or $89 & get shirts & crap if I pre-order. And this list just goes on for every friggin game, just about.
I mean, who is buying this crap. I'd understand if you lived out in the never regions where getting to shops is hours drive away.....but even then, jump on the computer & you can get ALL games cheaper than even retail store prices from places like Playasia.

So, I say that the prices being so high is a tester to see if people will pay it or not. This is sure fire signs of putting the feelers out there to see what they can rip out of us without the outlay of disk, paper, print & general materials & labor needed for physical media.
If enough of us are big enough suckers & too lazy to pass up a 10 minute run to the shops with the benefit of getting something we can trade in at a later date, & in general just having an actual copy you can grasp in your hands, then we can expect to be ripped off badly in a couple of consoles when there ain't any such thing as physical media any more, as the precedence has been set.

Just as the COD crowd have gobbled up that rip off dlc every time a new one releases, thus sending the message to Activision that we want to be f$#ked up the ass for minimum content for maximum price.

On topic though, the Vita is an awesome machine, & only a moronic following the crowd sheep would grab Nintendo's handheld over the powehouse that is the Vita.
The doom & gloom stories & usual anti-Sony internet dross is just part & parcel now. Real gamers would not even have to think about choosing between Vita & 3DS, as even with 1yr or more handicap on 3DS, the Vita already has more awesome titles than 3DS had in same time...I mean, Wipeout, LBP, Unit 13, Unchartered, Escape Plan, Modnation Racers, LBP Karting, MS:RC, Gravity Rush, Ratchet, NFS:MW, then the PSP dl titles that work on it, along with the PSone & mini compatible titles that are worthwhile. So, PsVita has hit the ground running as far as content is concerned, & although, as an owner, I'd prefer the thing to be selling like hotcakes, it isn't doing that badly in the grand scheme of things.....I mean, 3DS was all but dead to certain sections of gaming media (mostly all) & to many hateful fanboys, yet it is doing OK. So, Sony will drop the price a bit more in the new year & sales will improve.

PsVita could easily do as well as PSP has so far, it may even do better if Sony can cut production costs, & do some really smart things like add in some kind of internal 32gig memory, or at least offer a 16-32gig card instead of that pathetic 4gig waste of space (32gig should be minimum).
landog  +   491d ago
the vita is on track to be an amazing handheld, it is already an amazing piece of hardware, and with the games coming out every month, the software library is growing into an unstoppable giant

by this time next year....this thing is gonna be a monster!
freezola75  +   491d ago
I agree I am totally loving and hugging on mine.. I take it everywhere I go. My buddy just got the AC: Lib. White Vita bundle and he LOVES it... amazing hardware still has alot of room for maturation.. Can't wait to see how it is next year myself..
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5eriously  +   491d ago
As I stated in another thread, I cannot fathom the Vita negativity. I see the Vita as an extension to the PSx and not as an replacement. Sure the Vita is a console on its own but I for one will buy it to extend my PS3 not to replace it. I will definitely buy one in future. I just hope that Sony lives up to the promise that the portable devices like Vita, Xperia and other Sony devices will still integrate with the fixed consoles when the PS4 and beyond are released.
slyleo2001  +   491d ago
I love my ps Vita and enjoy the games, but this video is kinda annoying and i don't really agree with them.

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