The Phantom Pain trailer breakdown - Is it Metal Gear Solid 5?

GamesRadar - Moby Dick Studio premiered its trailer for The Phantom Pain during the 2012 Spike Video Game awards, thrusting an unknown developer and its mysterious game into the mainstream spotlight. Since its release, fans have poured through every frame of the impressive video and now there's enough evidence to suggest that “The Phantom Pain” is merely a codename for Konami's next Metal Gear title.

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Drainage1926d ago

of course it is, its frickin obvious by now

MastaPiff1926d ago

On this page right under where it says "read story" the name of the source of the article is listed. By clicking on that you can rate the article. I gave this a big ol' "WTF?" cuz I'm all speculated out by now with the Phantom Pain trailer.

(Trendy girl voice): That was like, soo last week...

RickHiggity1925d ago

Either that, or the devs are damn good at ripping off the appearance of Metal Gear Characters.

GamerSciz1926d ago

Yes it is and gameradar I'd rather not scroll through 33 pages with a single paragraph on each. It's not user friendly.

OccludedGamer1926d ago

apparently 2 people would rather sift through all 33 pages rather than have it all on one page for convenience

RickHiggity1925d ago

I really don't see why it can't just be on one or two pages, but to each their own I guess.

josephayal1926d ago

MGS5 Another PS-VITA Exclusive

rpd1231926d ago

It's certainly a possibility. Ground Zeroes isn't even out yet, I feel like it'd be a little too much to start teasing for MGS5 right now.

If it were up to me, I'd just have it be Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain exclusively for PS Vita. And then have MGS 5 later on down the line.

lsujester1926d ago

How do we know that these aren't just two sections of the same game, specifically MGS5? Same engine, similar progress on visuals, etc.

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