Why Journey is one of the greatest games ever made

GamesRadar - Here's what you need to know about Thatgamecompany's Journey: It's short. It's got kind of an exploration-heavy puzzle-platformer vibe, with splashes of adventure game. What else? It's pretty, it sounds good. Oh, and it understands human emotion on such a basic, fundamental level that it knows how players will react to any given situation, and respond accordingly. Every developer, irrespective of their discipline, can learn from it, and every person is better off for having played. It signifies a watershed moment for the game industry; it is our Citizen Kane. All of this is to say, Journey's easily one of the greatest games ever made.

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Zangetsu_Wielder1924d ago

Put it together with the amazing soundtrack; You're in for a treat. Seriously, go buy this game.

MostJadedGamer1924d ago

This game if you can even call it that was totally shallow, worthless, and pointless.

When I finished it the only thought that came to my mind was is that all? Is that all? Where was the amazing experience that people kept talking about?

iamnsuperman1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I wholeheartedly disagree with you. It did have some negatives (Little Short, 2-3 Hours Long, and no challenge to the puzzles) but it was a really spectacularly designed game that did something different with how you play and communicate online

FunAndGun1924d ago

Maybe you were just looking too hard.

DasTier1924d ago

I agree totally, I think people are just being non-conformist. Its uncool to like the popular game which is fun to play and well made, but if you like the short pointless game then maybe your a hipster or something. Either way I'm not sure whats worse, being a hipster or playing Journey.

Hicken1924d ago

Your comments are FAR more shallow, worthless, and pointless. There is no content to what you say. No critique of particular mechanics, no comment on the story(yes, there is one; did you even notice?).

Nothing that makes what you say valid.

And yet there are people agreeing with you.

Irishguy951924d ago

I heard you like walking?

Blackdeath_6631924d ago

well if you have failed to take anything from that game i guess it just tells us something about your shallow and narrow minded personality.

darthv721924d ago

are great to their own respect. Some are regarded more than others but that is generally from a personal POV.

Even bad games are great to some. that is why there is personal opinion. Not everyone has to agree on quality but we should all agree that games (in general) all strive to be played.

DOMination-1924d ago

This game was great, up there as one of the best of this year, but it's a bit bold to claim its one of the best of all time.

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IcyEyes1924d ago

You may find pointless, boring, etc this game if you a re a kid or and adult without passion and sentiment.
So go to check your Soul ...

Anyway, I want call Journey a game, it's "only" one of most deeper experience you may have with a pad in your hand.

You cannot compare this "game" to other games. You need only to grab a pad and try to figure out want is your path.

Oh, and don't forgot to listen the music ... seriously.

Son_Lee1924d ago

I can't deny the importance of the game, and I'm glad it has gotten recognized. That being said, it just isn't for me at all; I found it boring.

MostJadedGamer1924d ago

Thats because it was boring. You don't need to apologize or try to sugarcoat your statement. The game was shallow, and totally pointless with almost nothing to do.

additup281924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

jadedgameer - living up to username

Der_Kommandant1924d ago

The conceptual metaphor envisages life as a journey

DasTier1924d ago

I think i'd claim minecraft as a much more interesting experience on social interaction, or even Day-Z. Stick people who never played those games before on a server and just watch how they all interact with each other. Journey is tosh.

ElitaStorm1924d ago

fun part for me was the thropy, got all of them XD

goldwyncq1924d ago

I can understand those who say it's a great game, but claiming it as the greatest game ever made is madness. I can name 50 other games on the top of my head that are more deserving of that distinction.

kayoss1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

is one of them Call of duty, Halo, or gear of war? This game is good it ranks somewhere in the top 20. But I agree with you, its not the greatest ever. But for me now a days, I enjoy simplicity over convoluted story that makes no sense. Therefore Journey is a very good game that is simple but yet intriguing.

goldwyncq1924d ago

Why do people always assume that those who didn't enjoy the game as much as they did enjoy playing mindless shooting games?

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