Viewtiful Joe Remake: Make it Happen Nintendo

BootHammer: "Gamers partaked in some of the most over the top action ever experienced in Viewtiful Joe. It was chaotic, challenging and most importantly an incredibly fun game. Players blazed their way through chaos in traditional 2D platform side-scrolling intermixed with 3D cel-shaded graphics. Imagine a exclusive remake for the Wii U. This could no doubt be a system seller if developed with the Gamepad in mind utilizing its unique features for a one of a kind gaming experience."

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Godchild10202019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

If they do a remake or a reboot to the series, they need to bring it back to handhelds. The art Style will look great on the Vita and 3D on the 3DS will be amazing.

That is what I would call "Viewtiful Effects"

Y_51502019d ago

I've always wanted to get this game since I played the demo at my local Walmart! I just want them t make it accessible to play the game on Wii U! :)

BootHammer2019d ago

It could be equally as popular as the future Rayman Legends game for the Wii U or even more so if done correctly. I hope to see a remake or reboot at some point...hopefully soon!

BootHammer2019d ago

A Vita version would be amazing as well! This could help move some units for Sony's handheld for sure =)

camel_toad2019d ago

I dug Viewtiful Joe. Fun unique gameplay why great style. Ive been wondering why they haven't made a new one or at least do the remakes.

Venox20082019d ago

could be that rights belong to Capcom and Kamya now is with Platinum games.. but kamiya said that he would like to do a sequel, I would love too, because Viewtiful 1 & 2 are one of my favourite games

BootHammer2019d ago

Hopefully if enough requests and interest is shown for it they will make it happen =)

George Sears2019d ago

Clover Studios, dang I miss them.

Venox20082019d ago

Platinum games says hello :)

landog2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

so many awesome games get left in the shadows...sad :(

onimusha, eternal darkness, trapt, champions of norrath, shinobi, dark cloud.....and there are so many games that NEED to be reborn!

freaking psi ops!

kill switch

baten kaitos

second sight,

man ps2/xbox1/gamecube days were the shizzznite!

BootHammer2019d ago

Onimusha and Eternal Darkness would be another two on my list as well! Both these games were so unique.

mcstorm2019d ago

I Agree and part of the reason I kept hold of my GC. For me this was Nintendos best console.

PS4isKing_822019d ago

And resident evil remake and re zero, ssx, jak and daxter, the one u mentioned and many more is why that gen blows this current one away. So sad how the industry has changed since then :(

Tidybrutes2019d ago

Viewtiful Joe.. so awesome... so underrated.

Id buy a new one in a heartbeat.

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