The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition On Wii U Dated For March 5th, 2013 By Amazon

Though the date hasn’t been fully confirmed by Activision, Amazon is currently listing The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition on Wii U for a March 5th, 2013 release.

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Godchild10201595d ago

I don't understand why this didn't come to the Vita. It pays to get games later, the extra content and DLC for one set price is not bad.

I would like to see how they use the Gamepad.

TrendyGamers1595d ago

A Vita version wouldn't be a bad idea.

BringingTheThunder1594d ago

i foresee very low sales for this

Theyellowflash301594d ago

Thanks pachter. We should worry about the quality of the game first before we discuss sales.

tre1594d ago

It did not come to Vita, because it is dying.

PopRocks3591594d ago

Zip it, the Vita is not dying anymore than the 3DS was in its first year. It's simply moving slowly right now.