70° 5 IPs That Telltale Should Develop Next

Rodolfo from writes:
Now that Walking Dead took game of the year, it's clear that Telltale can create some interesting experiences in an old-school point in click format. So, what should they do next?

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thorstein1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I don't have a word press password. So I can't read the story.

rnmartinez1925d ago

You shouldn't need a password to view my site. It seems to load fine for me, try this URL

rnmartinez1925d ago

Well, we want something different don't we? I still haven't been able to make myself finish FF13. It almost seems like Square is more interested in making movies then games.

goldwyncq1925d ago

Just no. Other than the fact that it has virtually no chance of happening, Telltale Games develops ADVENTURE GAMES, not RPGS.

WildArmed1925d ago

Batman is a really good pick. Batman always falls on the tech side/detective side of things.
I love Arkham games, but this would be pretty awesome too.

Silent Hill / Resident Evil fall into the same genre as Walking Dead (imo). And I rather them stay away from it to avoid any overlap. I'd prefer it if tackled different genre IPs.

porkChop1925d ago

Batman is a good pick. 1984? Fuck yes, I'd love to see someone tackle that.

rnmartinez1923d ago

Yeah 1984 so needs to be a game. I'd even settle for an updated movie!