Studios battle it out over S.T.A.L.K.E.R. license

Player Attack: Time for a bit of he said / she said drama, when it comes to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. Author Boris Natanovic Strygatsky died unexpectedly in mid-November, leaving two separate game studios squabbling over who owns the rights to future gaming adaptations. bitComposer is gloating about its recent acquisition, while GSC Game World - developers of previous games in the franchise - claims that it has the sole claim to the trademark.

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ATi_Elite1957d ago

GSC Game World and Sergey Grigorovich is the M.A.I.N. reason we do NOT have a STALKER 2!

Sergey ran GSC into the ground and the whole Dev team left to go make Survarium!

So i hope Bitcomposer gets the rights to STALKER so I can get my STALKER 2!

"Get out of here...Sergey"

aliengmr1956d ago

Well, I have no idea what the hell is going on. Couple of questions.

1. GSC still around or not? I know devs left, But I thought the company went under.

2. STALKER 2 has been completely cancelled, yes?

I want STALKER to continue. I dig Russian sci-fi.