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God of War: Ascension Single Player Demo Gameplay

TPG - Catch a walkthrough of the Single Player demo for God of War: Ascension, which comes with the film Total Recall, releasing on the 18th. (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

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That was epic.
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waltyftm  +   958d ago
I agree, it looked epic, shame whoever was playing wasn't.
slapsta72  +   958d ago
yeah. hey, guy playing, it's called dodge roll.
Irishguy95  +   958d ago
He doesn't need the dodge roll, the game is a button masher.
Ezz2013  +   958d ago

every time you talk
i see how much bitter you are because you don't own ps3
-GametimeUK-  +   958d ago
I think it looks amazing, but I can't get hyped for it. I don't know why. I feel like I have had my Kratos fix. I just think GodOW3 was so good I just accepted it as the end of the franchise.

My mind will change when the release date gets closer, but this game is surprisingly off my radar considering how much I love GodOW.

It looks brilliant and will no doubt be a day 1 purchase for me. Can't wait to play it.
Crazyglues  +   958d ago
@ -GametimeUK-

Yes I agree with you, I think it's because they used the same game engine as in GOW3 and the game looks good, it just doesn't really exceed 3..

So 1 to 2 big change 2 to 3 huge change in graphics.. but 3 to 4 same just a new color filter...

-and don't get me wrong it looks good 3 looked good but that wow factor that always amazes you when the game comes out is not there for this one... instead it's more like been there done that...

I'm sure the game will be fun, but a little disappointed that they didn't try to blow our minds and exceed what 3 did..

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Tontus  +   958d ago
@Crazyglues How the fuck can you be disappointed when you haven't played the game yet? How do you know the game won't blow your mind and exceed what GoW3 did? The game is confirmed to have huge moments like GoW3, personal story like GoW1 and varied enviromnets like GoW2, it's like the main trilogy all in one game with the fantastic multiple as the cherry on top.

The graphics are clearly a significant step better, and by the time the code is finalized the game is going to look mind-blowing. Do you remember the difference between the demo and the final game for GoW3? It looked almost a gen ahead.

I am more hype for God of War: Ascension then I was for God of War III, I'm very confident that this will be the best game in the acclaimed series yet.
mewhy32  +   958d ago
i've seen this video 100 times. It's awesome, but I'd like to see something new.
RedDeadLB  +   958d ago
That's a double edged sword. The more you see, the more is spoiled. I'm perfectly happy with this demonstration over and over again. Makes me wish I had the money for a new PS3.

God of War never ceases to amaze me.
IAmLee  +   958d ago
shame they always get the idiots to do gameplay demos.
aceitman  +   958d ago
epic yes , and those who say something bad about the graphics , let it go ur wrong the graphics are sick i seen it in its true hd form its sweet even the movement in the skin is better.and if u judge a games graphics on online videos u need to look at it in true hd to judge...
showtimefolks  +   958d ago
wasn't this the demo at E3?

can't wait to get into GOW beta soon

so this is the 4th console GOW game and each one had a different game director? damn while the quality remains top notch

SM studios is very underrated because no one ever talks about them like ND. ND are the best in business
pain777pas  +   958d ago
Yes, the game looks epic but my goodness the one playing is SOOOOOO BAAAAAAD that it is infuriating to watch. Like seriously you F***ing suck at videogames. Wow! "Hades awaits" for all but...........
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wishingW3L  +   959d ago
shouldn't Kratos be weaker for this game since he still wasn't a god? Because he looks like he is in Super Saiyan mode on this game compared to the prior ones....
Ultr  +   958d ago
I think the only time we played kratos as a god was at the end of GOW1 and beginning GOW2. correct me if I'm wrong
Hanso  +   958d ago
no you re right :)
Skips  +   958d ago
Kratos retrieved the Blade Of Olympus at the end of GOW2. (Which has his powers). I would assume he became a God again or at least gained some of his powers back when we play as him in GOW3. He even says he wants to get the Blade back in GOW2 because it holds his powers.

He also absorbed Hades soul. Question is, if you absorb the soul of a God, does it make you one? lol
Ultr  +   958d ago
I think he kept the powers in the blade

In GOW3 they always treat you as a mortal.
In the beginning you actually lose your power again by falling into the Styx.
and then, as you said, you absorb the soul of hades. Wich I think should have made him even stronger.
Though he never became a god again
Skips  +   958d ago
But in God Of War 2. He outright says when he's talking to Atlas.

"To take the Blade Of Olympus back, and drive it through Zeus' heart, it hold the power that I once wielded, as the God Of War"

To me, how easily he fought Poseidon and Hades, it just seemed like he gained his powers back from the Blade, why would he just leave it there? lol

And when he fell, I don't think he lost his powers. His Blades just lost their powers.

"In GOW3 they always treat you as a mortal."

But even when he was a God, he was always shunned by the other Gods. That's just them being dicks. lol
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TheKindRoost  +   958d ago
He is ares' champion so he was already op then.
Riderz1337  +   958d ago
No, Kratos was always a f*cken bad ass.
Fishermenofwar  +   958d ago
The baddest badass of all badassery
BitbyDeath  +   958d ago
He looked weaker to me, took him ages to take out the juggernaught and his attacks had barely any effect on him. Also he had to summon a lot of strength to win the fight. (Rage attacks)
vikingland1  +   958d ago
Those battles are allways epic.
nevin1  +   958d ago
So its just the demo from from what we people been seeing?


"but 3 to 4 same just a new color filter..."

With that being said, it almost seems the new color scheme made this game look less impressive than the GOW3.
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Riderz1337  +   958d ago
This is an old build of the game dude. Do you not remember how the GoW III demo at E3 looked and then compare it to the final build of the game? They will surely improve the game but it already looks above and beyond GoW III. The detail on Kratos is spectacular.
Ares90  +   958d ago
Same as E3, played by a less skilled player
yesmynameissumo  +   958d ago
Damn man, dodge roll and use the freaking sword. Mix it up a little.
Walker  +   958d ago
Graphically, This is best thing i have ever seen !
MYSTERIO360  +   958d ago
Looks great
sdplisken  +   958d ago
miyamoto  +   958d ago
Sparta Kick!
black911  +   958d ago
I Get So Mad watching This. Just thinking about for all these years the 360 has held the PS3 back.
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Braid  +   958d ago
Any chance they'll release it on PSN to be publicly downloaded any time soon?

Such an amazing franchise...
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   958d ago
keep crying
Riderz1337  +   958d ago
Yes hence it is widely argued to be one of the most graphically impressive games of this gen (GOW III) and one of the highest selling exclusives of this gen. Amazing ain't it.
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RevXM  +   958d ago
See what I did there?

Go troll somewhere else as anyone can make just as cool stories as you bro.
EverydayGuy  +   958d ago
I'm burned out on QTE's
a_bro  +   958d ago
well...Damn... between this and Rising, I have my Hack and slash fix for next year :)..
gaffyh  +   958d ago
HOLY SHIT! i was so down on this game for months when they first showed it, it looked so bad before, BUT after what i just saw, i am back on board 100%. Get Hype!
TheHardware  +   958d ago
kratos is a fricking animal. cannot wait for this game
megalonagyix   958d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
R3DRAIN89  +   958d ago
When will the demo be released for everybody to play.
Ma1nframe  +   958d ago
LOL the guy playing this game SUCKS! No way he's a GOW fan / player. Just some lucky idiot.
Neo-Axl  +   958d ago
Look at the detail, the view distance, the new colour scheme, already looks better than GOW3!

I love the fact that Kratos is weaker in this one, in GOW3 I felt like nothing could beat me, absolutley nothing.. but now, it looks like Kratos is actually having trouble taking down the average beast.

Which is all the more reason to want this game, Bring on the challenge!
Ezz2013  +   958d ago
did you played 3 on very hard or hard
i got my a$$ kicked alot
even though i'm huge gow player
Neo-Axl  +   958d ago
Yep I did, I also got my ar$e handed too me, but the fact that it'll be even harder.. gets thumbs up from me man!
Ma1nframe  +   958d ago
WOW!!! INCREDIBLE!! GAME OF THE YEAR 2013 (that or The Last Of Us)

I can hear the xbot fanboys crying from here lol. Oh wait, they have 'halo' lol yawnnnn
1nsomniac  +   958d ago
I see the graphics have suddenly managed to magically downscale since the last "Live" showing of this demo..
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arbitor365  +   958d ago
this is the same thing we saw at E3. i want to see more of the game, dammit
DivineAssault  +   958d ago
OMG I LOVE THIS SERIES! I was worried a bit after seeing the multiplayer aspect being so heavily focused on but i see what ive grown to adore about GOW is still here.. Sex, blood, murder, & rage.. This is EXACTLY why i own PS3.. Killing those elephant people was greatness & that was just a sub boss
ado908  +   958d ago
Despite Kratos's bad assery his physique....He is no where near as buff as he is in God of war 3.
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akaFullMetal  +   958d ago
They designed it that way, since it is suppose to be a prequel, when he was younger.
ado908  +   958d ago
Yeah I know that. It was just an examination, you know?
imt558  +   958d ago
I was hoping that i'll new SP trailer. Same old E3 build. Too bad.
iosdhifw   958d ago | Spam
TenkoTAiLS  +   958d ago
Looks like a bad clone of God of War. Man can't developers think if something original. Ha! god of War is much better. Oh wait...it is God of War. Sorry I was just jumping on the bandwagon that everyone seems to get on everytime a new action game comes out...or a sequel. But silly me, I forgot God of War is exempt from such internet troll critique haha.
charted  +   958d ago
This game's gameplay & graphics looks just as same as all other God of War games. Are people saying it is epic because its same as the other games because surely people cant say there is something new in this game?
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